News Pop with Diane Sawyer: Hernandez Hearing; Minnesota Floods

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1:45 | 06/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for News Pop with Diane Sawyer: Hernandez Hearing; Minnesota Floods
I'm Diane -- with your hourly news -- for this Tuesday from murder suspect Eric Hernandez back in court to the royal visit that upstaged the game of -- stars here's what's happening former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez back in court today in Boston. This one's for a double murder prosecutors say the former NFL star committed them back in 2012. Hernandez is also facing a separate murder charge for the death of -- -- Lloyd last year. Those swollen rivers overflowing in Minnesota so many living close by sandbagging and keeping an eye on the crow river. Which crested overnight at 21 feet the rushing water has some businesses and restaurants shutting off their gas and electricity. Other communities are threatened by the Mississippi which has been spilling over. This smooth talker went from a science project to a new job at Tokyo science museum. She is one of the new robots now working as a tour guide interacting greeting guests one of them we're told is pretty polished grieving the news. Some of the reporters there -- little stunned how good she is and maybe we'll all their -- And the royal visit that was no accident real Queen Elizabeth stopping by the -- the blockbuster show game of -- and Ireland to meet the cast. And then came the big moment she approached that thrown the -- -- -- suddenly wondering if the queen would please take a seat. Please well it didn't happen she looked -- over. -- -- -- That's your hourly news updates David For more news and I'll CEO of world.

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{"id":24290368,"title":"News Pop with Diane Sawyer: Hernandez Hearing; Minnesota Floods","duration":"1:45","description":"Check out the latest headlines from","url":"/US/video/evening-news-update-diane-sawyer-aaron-hernandez-tokyo-robot-24290368","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}