Expelled student Kip Kinkel opens fire on school in 1998

Kinkel's closest friends talk about warning signs in the teenager, who killed his parents before engaging in a fatal shooting at his high school in Springfield, Oregon.
10:26 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for Expelled student Kip Kinkel opens fire on school in 1998
Who is to blame. That is the question everyone is trying to answer in the wake of yesterday's school shootings in Springfield again. For the fourth time this school year a student has opened fire on his classmates shattering lives shaking a community and the country. What tearing this teenager against his friend and apparently his own parents. What is going on with America's children. But tonight we look for clues. In exclusive interviews with the suspects closest friends including two boys who may have been the last to speak with him before the killings again. Elizabeth Vargas is in Springfield. A town change suddenly yesterday morning. Late today fifteen year old kip kinkle was in court charged as an adult with murder he entered no plea. Early today as second student from Thurston High School sixteen year old Ben Walker died from head wounds. And get people's house where his parents lay dead police found a small arsenal of explosives. What happened to this teen from what seemed to be an average American family. We talk to those who may have known him best. Motorola's current news. The difference to us and I wouldn't seemingly never betray yes sir that's thriller friendships all garden. Nick highest Sen and Tony McAllen where kids came goals two best friends. They believed they were the last people to speak with kept in the hours before he opened fire in the school's crowded cafeteria. They still can't believe it was their friend pulling the trigger. He is in his popularity. Lot of people liked him just class clown kind of cannon would correction some make you collapse. He is also about it most likely this world war grade. When I think he knows again that it is again that was in there wasn't a real vote that was some kids decided that would be him. The freshman football player was described by teachers as a solid student a typical fifteen year old. But kip kinkle suffer from attention deficit disorder and had taken Ritalin to help them focus at school. His two closest friends knew another side of camp he had in. Not an obsession with kinds but he. It was ending gotten Steelers just gun the I don't know in some kind of inner you know. Feeling then made him. Feel like is complete and it's hard to say. Haitian police say kit was well alarmed when he went to Thurston High School Thursday morning. The weapons and oh. Or any 22 caliber semi automatic. Ruger. Rifle. Well and according to his friends. There was more and days Sasha. In this you know knew about not even his parents I guess it fit into a box of. And in news is that took employers creation. The fascination did not end with guns. Friends say camp was intrigued with explosives. Police have found four homemade bombs a hand grenade and an explosive charge hidden and is home. He then talked about growing up but cal once been middle school he'd made instant made some small ma small. Arms build phones he yeah it's a sound. The staff he can find enough house. To all appearances kit came from a good handling his parents bill and they kinkle seen here in 1991. We're both popular Spanish teachers in Springfield school. And excellent parents according to family friends Sandra and Linas Cochran. Noah thank you mean describe bill to both. Very neighborhood parents several hard workers but according to kits friends relations were strained in recent weeks between kit than his parents. He had been grounded and his parents it recently discovered his gun collection and took the weapons away. Then two days ago school administrators found a stolen gun in kits locker. We saw him sitting in and the rights principles office. The school expelled camp and police arrested him and brought him to the local jail where he was booked on felony gun charges. Officers then released the team to his father because kip was a juveniles with no serious criminal record. It was huge kits help on the outskirts of Springfield that police believe he crossed the line from troubled teen to cold blooded killer. Officers Belize sometime Wednesday kicked snapped and shot both his parents to death. In fact when kits friends nick and Tony called early Wednesday evening kid's father may already have been dead. President don't think in the conversation that. Lou Lou Bruins who he had done something like that knows not snappy. The head. Now he says that isn't even here but notice there's really nervous because we're important only get home but can't repeat no where's my moan from retirement party. She shouldn't whom what was the song than just himself who always says always talking as I don't there was some talk about my parents everything is done resumes. Over resources. Moves come across some wrong. Police believe that sometime after the three friends hung up the telephone kits mother returned. Her body is one of the two found in the can go home. Looking back. You see things that maybe Rehman a bit out of the ordinary event during the time that happened he did. Yeah dad rather timely Khartoum then there's no turning back from that night it was done and said with in his mind. I'm sure he used had decided to get to the school it was our own. It is all on nineteen point he would go to school and to get his political I don't. I think Kim plan though that there it. Police believe kip spent Wednesday night in the house with his parents' bodies. Did you ever threaten an amount of anger Sam when the kill my pants no no I'm not. It was not good kid ever a moment of anger saying I wanna kill somebody else. In rural road and joking matter to many times around tones and just go rage and you just. He toured I think the point where I'm doing packed enough room sit down for so officials sometimes you know he's so rich and so head. We're so stupid stuff. It's just not it's like he bottles of all this tensions no similar lesson don't. Police say early Thursday morning kip kinkle loaded three weapons and dozens of rounds of ammunition into his parents' car. He drove along the forested road toward town. By the time his friends Tony and nick arrived at the school campus Kim was already there. Some friends of ours came out EI and that Kim was inside shooting people and we just kind of relate Kubiak Hayward in early. Take you there there really think they were trying to choose what I was a Chad thought it was a prank from them. Read them and out of Rockingham high I had people dying. He gotta gotta gotta gun and I was shocked. Christy Cooper had been friends with kids since the eighth grade I don't know have been harassing them fat man especially maintenance maintenance sent him back on campus community without. This is getting ready to turnaround they've been c'mon it's gonna you know. 200. And it didn't do it in time. Cheyenne each rider had quarreled with her boyfriend Ben Walker she never got the chance to make amends and then there's. Shot. And I looked behind me and then was lying on the ground. I haven't broken because he knew he was lying on the ground and they could do you think there. At 7 o'clock this morning Ben Walker became the second victim died at his wounds. Many more might have been killed if not for the Hanna was about one of the wounded students seventeen year old Jacob reichert. Cheney fanned he watched tour with fans standing beside him get shot at point blank range. Any kind of girlfriend go down with Linda is Jacob's mother intend to mean my mind Disneyland to stop him he couldn't hurt mean worse. And sounds kind of talking things couldn't keep shooting people tell me had to test today. He's doing well kind that's bad guy and I just keep going down massive. This evening as this town's struggles to understand what turned a fifteen year old boy into a killer. Kipp key goals close friends struggle with questions of their own my parents at that picture and soon. Late game and hanging. He is always. My room from her look at. What strikes you most about him especially given what he's now accused of doing Linux so and sentencing in here. And I dominant impression I ain't fair and think. I really think he's as they might very knowing and I known as my good friend this broad. I'm just very. Upset from. He could talk to kick tonight road to Seoul. Why man. Why did you live writing humor and sound crazy but I condemn what were you thinking and in the people you've heard the people. That I mean if things that you put people through. The things that you're going to go for ride you do that I mean there's always going out and showtime to salute and should never resolve this. Once again in too late to help the students at Springfield. The issue of gun control is front page news. Now more than ever before there was a clamor for legislation to make guns harder to get especially for children. There is the need to pinpoint the causes. Of this kind of desperate act by children so young. And to recognize signs of trouble in these children and intervene immediately and aggressively. This year all along nearly a dozen students and teaches in five states have paid with the allies our lack of understanding. And action.

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{"duration":"10:26","description":"Kinkel's closest friends talk about warning signs in the teenager, who killed his parents before engaging in a fatal shooting at his high school in Springfield, Oregon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54582112","title":"Expelled student Kip Kinkel opens fire on school in 1998","url":"/US/video/expelled-student-kip-kinkel-opens-fire-school-1998-54582112"}