Experts predict more than 230,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths by November

Florida reported a record number of deaths for the third consecutive day. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.
3:23 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Experts predict more than 230,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths by November
And your prediction this morning about the corona virus researchers are now forecasting another 80000 deaths in the US by November. We're total of more than 230000. And they warned that number could grow higher if Americans don't Wear masks. But there is some good news this morning ABC's India for GE has the latest. This morning states across the country seeing more people died from the corona virus. FEMA reporting deaths of nearly 30% from last week Louisiana reporting its highest number of fatalities in two and a half months there's more. OK of nineteen in Louisiana and in every community. Across Louisiana than in any point up to now. Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Losing his battle with the virus the cancer survivor tested positive after attending president trans rally in Tulsa. Although it's unclear where Cain contracted the virus but there is some good news FEMA reporting fewer cases down an average of 3% from last week. Some states trying to curb the spread with more restrictions. Michigan now limiting indoor gatherings to no more than ten people polite eat closing bars on Oahu for three weeks but doctor Anthony out she says a widespread shutdown of the economy is not needed to slow transmission. I don't think we need to go to locked down again and an aunt and shelter in place. Doctor Deborah Burks blaming people on vacation in part for the increase in cases in certain areas. Now we see the virus probably because of vacations and other reasons and travel. Will be up into Kentucky Tennessee southern Ohio. As testing delays plagued parts of the country the federal testing czar last night said most people are now getting results within five days. And soon labs which contribute to backlogs may not be needed. By September we expect more than half the tests in the country to be point of care as the debate over reopening schools continues hundreds of Connecticut teachers drove past the governor's mansion demanding a safe plan. And we do want to teach that's not the passionate passionate how to teach. They wait president trump was also asked the same question at his news conference pop. Sure people that school. So can you shoot anybody of anything Charlotte, North Carolina schools reverse their course on reopening. Deciding to start the year with only virtual classes this Colorado teachers video of getting ready to welcome students now going viral. Load world's best. Elementary school classroom. And parents in Arizona asked to sign liability waivers before school reopens. Wading their rights to sue if someone gets sick the sports world also grappling with the virus nineteen Miami Marlins players have now tested positive. The Philadelphia Phillies forced to postpone a weekend series after two staffers tested positive and fifteen football players at rockers have contracted cope in nineteen. After a party. The entire team now in quarantine. Breaking bad star Bryan Cranston announcing he had the virus very lucky very mild symptoms. He's urging people to take the infection seriously. Johnson & Johnson announcing progress on their cold mid nineteen vaccine. They say promising data shows it can protect against infection with just one shot it now moves to human testing. Kenneth and Mona. Andrea thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Florida reported a record number of deaths for the third consecutive day. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72098803","title":"Experts predict more than 230,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths by November","url":"/US/video/experts-predict-230000-us-coronavirus-deaths-november-72098803"}