Explorer talks record-breaking dive

Explorer Victor Vescovo discusses his travels to the deepest place in the ocean and the highest peaks in the world
4:13 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for Explorer talks record-breaking dive
Guys we all have goals and right but there are few list on this planet that truly live a lie yon one's imagination. And explore all the corners of the earth. You're in Ford street because I'm joined by Dick. Victor Disco Bo you're the only person to ever summit the highest summit Owen the highest mountain on every continent. And once you finish tonight in August are also going to be the only person to go to the lowest point. And each ocean that's just incredible and I have to let that you know just sing again for a second every mountain top. And green valley in the ocean pretty incredible. How does it feel to go where no human as non before. And it feels great I just feel very privileged that I'd been able to. Workable lot of great adventurers and people it taught me how to climb and then or they're breaking a bill to submersible that we've now been able taken Obama. Hopefully all five of the world's oceans and we just came from the deepest 1 in the Pacific Ocean challenger Dave and we're very happy that there was a success. You're so chill about it like. I can't even believe I'm talking to you how do you decide that you're going to dean this. You know I was it CIA declined mounts for about twenty years and eventually got up Everest and that all that. And I was looking for him in. Only got up Everest now. Will repeat that he eventually got up Mount Everest which is very dangerous I think listing the movie. Well it took two tries the first time I try to cut about halfway up got frostbite had to come back down went back two years later with table because the summit. But after I finished that in some of the climbs I was looking for different challenge and I was in the navy for twenty years in the reserves and really attachment to the CI thought I might be symmetrical to instead of going. To go down and I was actually shocked to discover in 115. That no human has ever been to the bottom of four of the world's oceans and get the technology seem to exist to be able to do it so. I did some research and said what would it take. And what would you have to get done to make that happen and so I put the team together and over the last four years we've designed and built the submersible that can repeatedly go to the bottom of the in the Aleutian. And over last year we've been execute that mission we've been the bottom before the world's five oceans we just have one more ago and what's the one you have left the one that we have left is actually the shallowest that's the one in the Arctic Ocean and we had to wait to do to Alan because the weather so terrible there. We can pretty much only do it in August senatorial hopefully complete the mission. And I think one of the things that's really fascinating in one of our producers wrote an article about this just yesterday. Is that when you went to the bottom of one of these oceans you found something pretty surprising right. Right unfortunately what we have found that many of the deep ocean locations is contamination by man. We've had found wonderful things we found new species we have found a wonderful things the scientific community. But you know there billions of people on the serve and we consume a lot and torture laws that does find its way into the deep oceans and the current travails that eventually moves that. Into the lowest points and so it is unfortunate but we are documenting what I think a lot of people our nose mankind is contaminating. 7% of our planet in two notions. I just have to ask you scariest moment out of all of this. You know we will look back at your journey I mean what was the most frightening. I must confess this is a prototype submersible and when we first designed and built if we had to tested and we had tested in real conditions. So it about you know 151000 feet in the Bahamas. Mike cope and I were testing different systems and you know we smelled something that wasn't quite right. And so we have electrical problem and we are about an hour and a half from surface so we address the problem we dealt with that we found out of weakness in the design and we later he got it. Taking care of but yeah I was a little bit tense there for a little bit when you're that far from the surface and you're completely enclosed and one point five meters here. And what's next before we wrap up he said the Arctic Ocean you're right we're gonna go to more deep in the Arctic Ocean in August and hopefully wrap up the expedition by taking the ship and from London. Presenting the world you wrote citing. And then hopefully after that look for new adventure through and keep suggesting unified on this issue public on the states and that's something fun. Right and that's not all that's next you have to go up there to the Mandarin. Victor incredible work very honored to be sitting with your announces really really awesome some banks and being with us today know my pleasure thank you.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Explorer Victor Vescovo discusses his travels to the deepest place in the ocean and the highest peaks in the world","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63030212","title":"Explorer talks record-breaking dive","url":"/US/video/explorer-talks-record-breaking-dive-63030212"}