Eyeless Dog Escapes Death, Finds a Home

The California dog is headed for Canada after nearly being euthanized.
1:46 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Eyeless Dog Escapes Death, Finds a Home
This is Teddy and nine month old happy young born without eyes -- -- -- His life he's lovable want a generation of volunteer with Chihuahua road through San Diego. -- from a local animal shelter when he was just three months old and adopted him out but things just didn't work Teddy was returned it look like we were gonna have a chance to get him into -- forever group. Jackson says she was told by the director of CR SD -- Teddy. Was taking the -- -- -- -- the bulldogs the shelter would essentially be euthanized someone didn't rescuing. He has a passion for live. He loves it he's healthy otherwise. It's like why -- the war. World. You know didn't see how precious -- -- To -- Teddy from being killed Jackson took him back again and made it her mission. -- Teddy the holy so badly needed and -- on the Internet. -- put a post to a group that along to come disabled dogs. And people from all over the world belong to it and tell -- story and my fear of -- Believed to be put down. Teddy acute -- put his own FaceBook page quickly developed a following from people around the world. And not long after a woman from Ontario Canada who had already adopted two blind dogs wanted them the problem was getting -- to work. That's when Jackson's as something amazing happened the United Airlines employee who lives in Chicago volunteer to fly to San Diego. And deliver Teddy into his new home. How so relayed -- -- the people that were a little group. They're actually have another people doing group just to read the story and the work try a Union City. There were.

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{"id":18271277,"title":"Eyeless Dog Escapes Death, Finds a Home","duration":"1:46","description":"The California dog is headed for Canada after nearly being euthanized.","url":"/US/video/eyeless-dog-escapes-death-finds-home-18271277","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}