Facebook Post Could Set Detroit Murder Convicts Free

Judge tosses out 1987 convictions of two brothers after Facebook posting brings out new witnesses.
1:53 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Post Could Set Detroit Murder Convicts Free
They were hoping this might be their last time in a courtroom. But freedom we'll have to wait at least two more weeks for -- and Tommy hires family and friends who packed the courtroom. Are hoping they would be released today. Apparently as long. Knowing that they just keep going banking book bag and some and is to be done. It's hard to me. Judge Lawrence talon tossed out the murder convictions last week Brothers had been convicted of killing a Detroit drug dealer -- the late eighties. And the -- spent the last 25 years in prison. Prosecutors are appealing the judge's decision. And want -- -- to remain in custody pending the appeal the judge says he needs more time to look at prison reports to decide if the Brothers should be free on bond. Always been there since -- -- that problem I knew this thing. It's just said -- territory five years. Up FaceBook post from Mary Evans in 2009. Got the ball rolling on the case. Conversations led to the discovery of witnesses who never told their story to police. And after months of hearings this year. The judge awarded the 46 year old Brothers a new trial thanked him for technology in on the act crazy about it but I do like to FaceBook asked that. -- -- -- -- -- thankful for FaceBook defense attorney said today NX prison warden was ready to testify on the brother's behavior behind bars. Family and friends say the two men have waited long enough to be set for -- this is. Something that I think prison it's a little girl didn't. Nieminen from LA even though they have an element physically able to see -- they called me until I think he meaning. Family and friends were so sure the Brothers would be released today they had planned -- welcome home barbecue. We'll have to wait until at least August 13 that the -- of the new bond hearing. And downtown Detroit Michael Rosenfield seven actions.

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{"id":16890607,"title":"Facebook Post Could Set Detroit Murder Convicts Free","duration":"1:53","description":"Judge tosses out 1987 convictions of two brothers after Facebook posting brings out new witnesses.","url":"/US/video/facebook-post-set-detroit-murder-convicts-free-16890607","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}