Failing Student Shamed on Street

Florida dad makes teen son wear sign outdoors for failing three classes.
0:44 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Failing Student Shamed on Street
A Miami seventh grader who flunked three classes is getting an a in public humiliation get best Michael builds. Junior's dad is making him stand on a busy intersection wearing a sign that reads I want to be a class clown is it wrong. Okay on the back and -- cars to -- if they think three apps are bad the -- punishment appears to be paying off -- now says. He's sorry and will do better. I don't like it you know that was my father. He has been screwing up his school. Behavior. And academics. And right now trying to send a message -- -- -- -- that says he doesn't want his son to become a statistic in the embarrassing sign. Was a last resort.

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{"id":15901527,"title":"Failing Student Shamed on Street","duration":"0:44","description":"Florida dad makes teen son wear sign outdoors for failing three classes.","url":"/US/video/failing-student-wears-sign-as-punishment-15901527","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}