Faith leaders on grim COVID-19 milestone

Pastor, rabbi and imam talk about how their communities are dealing with grief and how they can move forward together.
9:43 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for Faith leaders on grim COVID-19 milestone
As our country deals with what would have been unthinkable slumber just months ago 200000. Americans dead from -- nineteen we check in with three faith leaders to see how their communities are handling this challenging time. And the grief of course it comes along with the joining us now reverend Johnny green. Who presides over a Baptist Church in Harlem New York he mom W Deen Sharif any mom and Irvington New Jersey and rabbi Rachel Payne who leads a synagogue in Manhattan. Thank you all so much for your time. Of course community is so important to the grieving process how challenging. Have these past six months banned for for each of you and your faith communities especially given your limited ability. To see people face to face it like to start your reverend green I understand your congregation. Has lost thirteen members to cove it. Ever sleuth thank you tread on me today. Certainly we artists steal rebounding from such any significant allows an arc or gay shouldn't. We have continued to do. Out worship and our total church ministry. Virtually. We have lives to some restrictions we. Only last week we. Made it possible to have funeral services at our church we it's a limited number. Loads participants. And rabbi pain sit question you just to kind of give us a sense of of the challenges in the past few months. Over the last several months there are. There has been there had been members of our community who have lost. Loved ones to cope and and from other diseases and over these last several months we had to engage in virtual ship buzz. Virtual funerals. We are keeping met them on trivia popular X come up Kyle Love your neighbor as yourself friends and sent down sewer. Taking a conservatives small C approach. Q how we engage in worshipped having nobody at the synagogue and how we've had to say divided people over these last six months is a complete anathema. To have Judy isn't normally engages in mourning rituals normally we're together as a community bearing a prison. As soon as possible we've been using technology as best as possible and we're trying to remember people. Imam Sharif the same question to you it just in the difficulty in and how you've been coping the last few months. Brent Q4. Be writing me to express some concerns there we have. And our world what is happening in the united decision were murdered him and our hearts and certainly our condolences go around. To all of the time remembers murder of a loss. Members of their family and friends. To this co written nineteen disease to 200000. There rear affecting the lives of people are more. We attempt to do is a game. Reach out as my as my colleagues in Chile pepper in Paris and we reach out on the bridge desert mountain which we call me really needs. Him retried to provide social services. In reform or screwed for people that may need meals. Money that people sometimes will need in order to pay their rent. All of these are factors that we have to take into consideration and possible. We try to provide some compassion is psychological relief to people in a formal providing social. Our networking that is associated with delivering messages that will hopefully give people hope in the midst of all of this despair. And imam life I have you just it would ask you as you try to be a pillar of strength in your own community who or what. Do you lean on in particular as a source of strength for you. Where our our primary source of strength of course it's god. And men in mid means by which we. Do for you we'd be begin to give that source of strength of course is primarily through prayer. And so for us in the Muslim community. Here we have a prescription or are praying five times a day and of course this Kobe in nineteen situation. Has limited our access to. Not only being able to come out to the mosque for the five prayers and rejecting armies are sort decimals important factor is to make sure. There regionally in Orange other we demean our god in region meet on the bulk business owes you we're giving guidance to a fate. And rabbit and the same question to you if there's a particular person in particular prayer. That you have. And relied on an and lean on in leaned into during this time. I think people I leaned into our morning and afternoon and evening prayers similar to what he Mans and the idea that we come together on a routine at ritualized basis. Even if people aren't coming together physically we've been able to remain connected virtually. To say in the morning MO EUR and ING morning prayers and amp OR and I Angie morning prayers together. The ability to think about what are the prayers were trying to lift up and over the last month. We've been. Is sounding the show far is that ram's horn hasn't caught action that. Where we are right now is a world is not where we wanted to be and we need to use that show far that sound too. Change our own amazed. And you know where we need to go and then just think where are we going as a community and so being a little rely on the scientists and doctors and my community. Has also been a tremendous source of strength for me. And rabbi while I have you as well of course a country. Continues to mourn all of these lives in so many right now particular. Mourning the passing of our BG. Is there religious significance of her dying as the sun set to begin Russia Sean and begin the new year the new beginning. The loss of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was. So painful for us for all of us as Americans no matter where you are in the political spectrum. Her tenacity. On and what she gave to so many in this country in terms of the qualities I think that can't be understated and having her diet and Arab pressure Shana of the Hebrew phrase in the eating right before it means two things for me for some others the notion that she let lived if the lights are bright side the apparatus anyone who dies. Right before Russia China is known is that. The other thing is on rush to shun and we ask to be written in the book of life. And that means last year our beach he was written for an entire complete your humans given the smallness of the year to live out her legs and I hope that we can live on her rebellious. And reverend green of course you know. All too well as we go back to the idea of this pandemic king. A black Americans and especially hard used to that you've never seen anything like this. How do you help your congregation makes sense out of all the loss at this time. Well. You know but colleagues who own line and in ministry would meet today they have both stated what made major tenets of our streets is Torre. And we do a lot of training in our irrigation are due lot of personal. Trained and just knowing that this world. Is not the only a world we have hopi Indian Oscar to see is if in this we're older we have all. We are mean and women most miserable. And so our hope is built on nothing less than and in the love of god and is right to sneeze. And we draw strength from out. Conviction would cranks. And he mom next question to you it and will probably end here to register the reverend talk about hope. And of course you've you've all been talking about you know the word how how that gives you hope for those two or who are looking. Four for some hope and right now what would you say specifically mom. And one of the messages that we've been focusing on during this time of Kobe ninety. Recall well throughout it is the refinement of human charts are. In that is who developing. New position. Or people without morals and ethics in character. So that the best arm are human character or shine through. In the missed all of this darkness. And I think that is a light. That sometimes people are looking for. They're looking for someone to care you're looking for someone to have empathy. In and looking for someone that will bring them best sense of connection to the human family. And I believe that the misadventure delivering today. Is also a listing of whole. Meaning that you have three face coming together in Europe 33 leaders of states that are coming together to deliver a message of hope. And hopefully everybody within these universal damage and relate to. And universal family is right rabbi aim will get ill last word here as far as those looking for hope what do you say. Every week we say a prayer for our country we say a prayer for peace if somebody wants that to me rabbi why we keep saying these prayers if we don't see a lot of change. And I sent the minute we stop praying is a minute we've lost also. So I'm really continue to create those words I'm gonna continue to hope for change and then I'm gonna get to work. Which my fellow community members to make tomorrow better than today. Our faith leaders in our universal family we thank you so much for your whizzed on and for your time tonight. Thank you thank you are.

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