Fallen NYPD Officer's Casket Arrives at Wake

Police officers carry the casket of Officer Rafael Ramos into a church in Glendale, Queens.
2:47 | 12/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fallen NYPD Officer's Casket Arrives at Wake
I've pictures this is in Glendale queens it said the Christian tabernacle church. You are looking at the casket or they're bringing the casket out of the Hearst that is caring officer Rafael Ramos. Of course he was one of the two officers killed on Saturday the two officers officer. When Jim do it and officer Rafael Ramos sitting in their patrol car shot. At close range by a man who later shot himself that happen on Saturday the city continues to mourn. The wait begins at 2 o'clock officers were told were just saluting. We expect hundreds of officers to be attending the funeral which happens tomorrow for officer Ramos. Again his casket just being brought over to the church now. And they tell us now that this week will be from two until nine tonight. NASA county alone saying they will send 500 officers so if that's just one department you can imagine how many thousands upon thousands of officers from all over the country. We'll be in attendance for this funeral for this one of the two officers killed over the weekend on Saturday this officer. Here's ruff fell problems. Leaving behind two children. Lot's being done for the family we're told mortgages being paid off education being covered for the two sons. But this city really touched by these events that happened last Saturday and there is the casket being moved tree by the American flag. Truly loved New York's finest that is the yes the New York City flag. Draping the the casket right there and you can imagine how heavy hearts of those officers. Must be right now as they take their. They're comrade in arms their fellow officer who died in the line of duty and just simply having lunch in his patrol car when he was gunned down. You can see the officers off behind the casket saluting this is a solemn moment. For all of his Brothers in the force I was just take a moment of silence and watched as the premier casket open to the church. We understand that vice president Joseph Biden will be attending the week as well so at the funeral so we understand that security will be very tight. Of course sweeps happening in the next day to make sure that it's as a safe environment for the vice president. But of course will be so many officers. In attendance. And in spite of the police union to demands or requests I should say that the mayor not attend should any police ups or be killed in the line of duty not attend his funeral. The mayor bill the -- show and the police commissioner. Bill Bratton will be in attendance they say tomorrow.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Police officers carry the casket of Officer Rafael Ramos into a church in Glendale, Queens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27840088","title":"Fallen NYPD Officer's Casket Arrives at Wake","url":"/US/video/fallen-nypd-officers-casket-arrives-wake-27840088"}