Families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright hold joint press conference

“If ever there was a time when nobody in America should be killed by police, it’s during this pinnacle trial of Derek Chauvin," Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump stated.
4:40 | 04/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright hold joint press conference
We do have some breaking news now the families of George Floyd. And Donte' right that twenty year old black man shot and killed by police outside a Minneapolis. Other families are holding a joint press conference right now with their attorneys look. Since then turn. When news nobody. It parent Julie yeah twelve days away and asked. Yeah. Now. Derek show grim wet and only. There's one of the most impact fault it's all rights. Families excessive use of this case says and the history of America. And we will we will do everything and how hard. The bet. It believes. Warm beach I don't doubt best behavior. Then what ensues. The greatest. Standard of care that the world concentrate our own. I have whomever. Concentrated in America. Regrettably. Two days ago we so. Today right. Hey traffic citation generous was big lot of talk about this because do on this we're still in the midst. Dave. And dim. Where many people will end this debate could not get metal ice them. I don't there isn't plates clean food because then. Like everything else in America when stood down. This well. Wants to know where police believe it brace isn't there. Vicksburg and who I some plays out there who. I guess we're. Driving while black man I'm people who sometimes forget and the memos and initiatives. And about the realities of life. And you were here. From is not that is not so Democrat is going to try to be brief. You hear from a mother about the phone call in the car who it was sad about why he was stopped because Sissy blow. This involved a soda can justify. The unjustifiable. Yeah women got an unjustified always Thong and because. I'd say right nice madness and Don tell you why tonight matters time. I'd say look I blue eyes. And so when youths didn't look back. Today was trying to get away he was not. I've threatened to avail. What are the best decision though. Way you help people don't always make the best decisions and his mother said he was scared. And when you Harold. This 26. Year veteran on the please forest who was trying to Mayo. Brandon. Tries he was tried to sue him Dutch lion club offices. And slow footed tortoise sees you as you know. You're trying to you do do web read it though you Donna. Endured. In demo yet not dumb in this now I am today because this source noble. It does situation. Did that today Rubin flatly good humor book and well paying and join us. Here's what do you think that. Do you know yeah well there's your good and well. Don't website yard taser is so you know no way to be good. Then you know no way good to exert. You know I'm a good and Bragg. No details about a half hour it. A loner who. And slow down as critics noble. There was no intent to invest don't lobby within ten to use the most part com. Meg gonna get addicted and does what they're doing traffic that day July. It reminds you adjust our balance some estimate could get it would tick about. Wouldn't leave America. Engage in them Schuessel boards. Well and they consequences. And that's why we're here today.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"“If ever there was a time when nobody in America should be killed by police, it’s during this pinnacle trial of Derek Chauvin,\" Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump stated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77049362","title":"Families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright hold joint press conference","url":"/US/video/families-george-floyd-daunte-wright-hold-joint-press-77049362"}