Family of Sandra Bland Demands Justice After Release of 2nd Dashcam Video

Family of Sandra Bland Demands Justice After Release of 2nd Dashcam Video. ABC News' Ryan Smith and Steve Gomez contribute.
31:48 | 07/22/15

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Transcript for Family of Sandra Bland Demands Justice After Release of 2nd Dashcam Video
Right now the outreach family of Sandra plan demanding justice on tack Hernandez in New York let's listen. Did he. They're like they. In like me and he even beat like they've that stadium here. Cannon Lambert. CA and NO and LE MB. ERT. Senior. Pitt which are. Sharon Cooper FH KRO and see my Charlie you know I hope you aren't and I am thin drizzle his sister. Can he retain. He. The DA told you know I have seen my. Barrymore who Dixon Morris EA ND so. Obviously we are here because. The circumstances surrounding. Standard plan. Fortunately. We have successfully been able to going to get our sister. Or daughter and bring report. Today and going forward. The family is preparing. For the whole angle. Celebration that. CN sandy Blanton will have here at this church. And as a consequence of that fool you going and until that home going workers. Her mother has elected to forgo. Any comment to the media at this time so I will start off by asking that you understand and appreciate that she will not be taking. Any questions of anything and at this particular. I know that there's a lot of questions that are surrounding the dashed it. Hand we wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the yet did ask him in what is displayed in. If you look at the dash cam I think that you see right out of a writer and out of the gate right out of the gate you see from that they ask him that. This could've easily been avoided. There was very little reason that can be gleaned from the dash cam. Why say it he had to. Be asked to put her cigarette out. Wife sandy had to be asked to get out of her car. Why sandy had to be subject. To the officer pointed a teaser at her wife sandy had to be thrown into the ground. And her. They're even more questions that have come out of Texas. That we had when we went down there. Now there's the dash cam and we don't know. The circumstances surrounding the footage on the edge here. We are not in a position where we don't point to say that it has been tampered with. We are not in a position that we can say that it is not. We simply don't know. I'm not a forensic. Media examiner. But now I know that we're going to have to get one. The long and short of it is is that. We want everything that happened from the time that the police in are faced. With sandy. Up until the time that she was found. To. Die. And beyond. To come to light. Right now sandy is speaking. And this family feels that sandy is speaking. She's speaking at saint find the truth. Find the answers. We want the answers and sandy demeans them. And we will find. The reality of it he has this day. Win this. Family have to see that they actually. The emotion that it drew from them was extraordinary. And we want to give you an opportunity. To talk to you. Their spokesperson. And asked him some questions about. What that. Should there be any questions of me you certainly can ask if you. But. Yes couple. Video yes it does news. Epilepsy. Another. Piece of videos made decisions. Fashion he has seen. New (%expletive) anyway and was she taking medication and so what was taking. I can tell you that we take issue with the notion that she was suffering from depression. She was never a clinically diagnosed as this family understands. Everybody has hills and valleys. And the bottom line is that was no medication that we are aware of that she was taking to address any sort of epilepsy. Or depressed. Yeah. A. The book the long and short of it is is that with regard to her medical history. None of that has anything to do with why that stock took place. And so while I don't know. What I would say to you is is that despite the effort to try and divert the energy and attention. From what really happened we will not fall subject to this happened because an officer was overzealous. This happened because an officer decided that he wished. Overstepped his authority. And that's where our focus is going to remain for the current tie but there. Us well. What what raises who what raises questions is why it is that he 28 year old woman who had received two job offers. Would take rural life. What it does is it raises questions it raises questions why 828 year old woman would call her mother. In excitement about those two jobs and didn't take a life. The city was a social activist social activists. Don't think there'll life. Particularly intrigued him. Just doesn't make sense. Were. We can't wait to see what's in all of the reports that they have I know that you don't have them all and neither do we this investigation is ongoing and we look forward to it to beat would be completed. We don't know what they are alleging that she told him I know what the newspaper articles it but until I see the art via that reports. I won't be in a position reckon responded that bush. He you know we've seen the video hook the online what other things that you do. And activists protest movement. Vision. The sandy daily are for the most part daily meet hopes inspirational Apple's efforts to try and bring other people up. If she put her arms around people that's why there's been such a groundswell of support for her. We're pointed to act. And yeah. Well if if you leave speaking up for the interest of the many. Here is for kids in the generation behind her yes she was an activist. Or. Well. Well well here's here's the problem. The citizens have rights. And when you lay down your rights voluntarily. You forgo the enjoyment of those rights and I don't know that. You have an obligation to give away your rights this country was O. The citizens in it enjoy its rights that rights. That's what sandy was due. You're. She Aaron who. I just would like to address the question. In looking at the video I've seen the video in its entirety. Sandy was pulled over for failure. To. Proper indicator proper lane change change. And in looking at that as her sister I simply feel like the officer was picking on her. Point blank period. And I personally think that is petty. You. I think people to roll over because she was Nancy resident that's when things. Those who see your sister. I'm infuriated and everybody else should be in periods as well. From the petty charge. To the officer. Asking her let's be clear he asked her can you think your cigarette out for me please that's not an instruction. That's not a sunsets and ask. He asked her and she simply responded no I don't have to domestic Adam in my own car. Or she did make an appearance in court and she'd been given bond at that time which we were working on expeditiously. To get her we have it has not been shared with us the chance according. I. They've been proper to today and we hope that they will continue to do so. What did you hear you you're. The autopsy folks want it's and. Quite frankly am disgusted that we're even having a discussion about taps. Because she was pulled over. For something so insignificant. And because of an officer who felt like maybe his ego was bruised. And got in the way not want city ever say he felt threatened. But when you tell me that your gonna light me up I feel extremely threatened in concerned and that any got my car. Publicity for your families. Now we're. On. Bring her home I was at an actual use it. I will be frank with you it is a brief moment ratification. It's brief because we know that in the coming days we aren't going to have to late are. Awesome beloved daughter sister friend. To arrest. That's very difficult it's the longest flight I've ever had I'm sure my mother feels the same way and my sister she was. Can he. Pray and you also quit what is even more. Absolutely had acted be happy to it has been. Inspiring. And I've kind of step back and looked at her insane when I don't my life. Because let let's be real here she has been. In the forefront of everybody's mind for the last seven days. But that peaked within 72 hours. From the love and support of people who knew her who personally knew her in this community and this church abroad where she went to school. People love her in genuinely care about her I don't know if you are understand the magnitude of what was going on with scenes are planned this weekend. On Saturday. The rocket girls' high school was painted rest in peace sandy we love you so much tons of people showed up to support her that following day. Should there was a prayer vigil in Houston Texas at hope AME church where the community came out in droves to support her and stand with us the solidarity their work. There were dignitaries from the state of Texas who were there which I can clearly tell you is displayed on. That they have questions and something is wrong. Following that we just had a memorial service for her yesterday evening I can tell you that there were well over 200 people there. Coupled with our prayer while last week she has in been in the minds and thoughts of everybody. And I cannot tell you how appreciative we are. How much we have truly. It's angered us as a family much more than you'll ever now. You want to talk about the power of social media and using social media for colon so my ask my family's asked. Close friends Sandy's. Asked please keep tweeting. Keep tweeting keep face looking keep answer cramming keeps snapped chatting. Keeping utilizing the hash tag justice for sandy keep utilizing what happened to send a plane and keep utilizing C in Japan and my all time favorite. KeePass checking say her name. Because the minute that you forget her name you forget her character. And that she was a person. So that is my humble ass on behalf of me and my family. But. It's. In my dad and the group grew. Oh. My hope is based off of execution. And not. That promises we just want to make sure that the things that are being communicated so us our honor. And so we want to make sure that there is our ongoing collaboration effort in transparency. In terms of finding out what happened to Sandra plan to put the authority's. Anything. This office. Comment about. The way this officer. They've come out as much as you have read which is simply that it was an appropriate. And they put him on administrative leave I do understand he's on administrative leave it this time I eat. What you want it. You lose it is altered. One. Volcker now. That's not our specialty he'd certainly seek out an expert who can clarify that for us so we won't respond to that at this time. Even if I don't believe. First. It is time it did leave the building in the next. Went. Legally we are in the process. Kind of scouring the urea to try and find individuals that might have information regarding how the incident happened. Or might have information regarding what happen in the deal. In addition to that were also. Continuing to ask for the documentation that we have not yet been given. Understand. That the baseline. In many respects. Will start or you won't will be. What's in the reports we want to know. What happened as a relays to win she was transferred to the GO by the rich the arresting officer. We want to know what the people that booked her worked hole by the officer. We need to understand. What happened to her once she was put in it and in a jail sale whether or not she was moved in. With what frequency she was moved there are a whole host of things that when we look at the reports that we get from. The share. The reports that we get from the Texas Rangers the reports that we get from the department of public. Public safety. And for that Metairie the FBI has reports. What all of those reports say. She's correct. Any. Here here right. This family has no evidence that that is the case. None we know for a certainty that when she went into that field she was this she had just gotten to Texas the day before. She was about to storage and she's on grocery shopping fielder. Refrigerator. She left messages with your loved ones. And that just doesn't jibe with someone. Who would take. It. That are. We are looking have this investigation be completed in a thorough complete and full bodied way. And if a lawsuit. Comes out of that Soviet. There's ago. Well that's it that's part of the investigation and we're looking for. That thing you'd ever want to thank blew it thank thank you. Yeah yeah. That concludes a news conference by the family Sander bland and their attorney. They are saying they feel it sandy is speaking to them saying find the answers they also question. White 28 year old woman with two job offers would take their life savings to have some questions about. The video that police released as well in terms of its authenticity. And we're gonna bring in ABC's Ryan Smith with more Ryan your reaction to this news conference. Well I think it's very interesting. But with all the new reports coming out one report saying that sandy and told jailers its he would try to take her own life the year before. We don't have back up for that yet but it's very Epstein that this family talks about eight this was a woman. Who was very excited about life she doesn't have any medical issues that are history. We did not any medication that she was taking and it response to this report there is nothing that this family knew up to get the sense that she was someone who would take her own life. That's key and another point that was brought up I think very interesting by Ken Lambert areas. Think about what he wants and all this he wants reports things from the GAO what did the officers say once he took her to the jail what to other people say to her. Part of that is to show if officers or if authorities are now saying that she took her own life. Why did that happen if that's your reasoning because this is a woman by our count who would never done something like that was something said her well something done to her. This is all part of this investigation when I think you look at this. I don't think it's as simple as what coroner might say. I think for them this is a much longer investigation that deals with every single person who had contact with sandy to get a sense of what really happened. In jails we heard from her sister who was remark of. Component isn't what happened that she got human being picked on hold up or perhaps at first because of the out of state license. In what what did you think about what I think she's right. I really do and you look at a situation like this have talked to a couple officers about this and say when you pull somebody over as a couple different considerations as an officer number one NC. This man is going up he's opening the door after trying to get her to extinguish a cigarette he's reaching and grabbing her. If for someone who's supposed to be concerned about his own safety for example why all this aggressive behavior over somebody who didn't put up a cigarette. The other part of this than another officer told me was officers are taught not to think of high. But to think of the trooper and he not this guy different name but the idea is he made it personal when you look at this you're not put her cigarette. Now get my back up now that he you know you know and reaching get you now and yell back to you you're yelling back at me. A lot of what I think officers are taught in terms of the escalation. Is to track him down these kinds of emotions you think about it. If the situation here was that she was doing something wrong she improperly changed through lanes if you different ticket. Get a ticket. And walk away he don't wanna give or take it and monitor and walk away. There were so many opportunities for that officer walk away and he never did and anyways. As he is the person who is handling the control handing out the ticket there. There were so many things he could have done differently but anyways it does appear to be when you look at this. That this was someone who's having an argument with. And now he's going to make his statement and that is not according to officers I've talked to what you want to do as a police officer trying to maintain safety. Let's tick a look at some of that video of the shouting match that ensued and of course the video itself becoming a bit controversial today. Cohen. You get out of the Clark now I'm happy I am hey did you try to get hit I say they out of the caller yeah. I'm going a little our little army. You had been dragged out of here so you believe that an attack me I'm. McLellan. Like what the hell out now. How did the caller. I think you do it over there. Then they'll feel sick that he thought. The. That of course the video released. By the police department let's bring any news contributor and former head of the counterterrorism division for the FBI and Los Angeles steep Gomez. Steve your take on that video particularly the officer's response to someone who didn't want to get out of her car didn't want to extinguishers cigarette. Well with the former thing at least certainly not against the law what is your take on how he reacted. I'm I'm astounded by this whole thing. This clearly shows a lack of training. Or understanding his training. On the officers part. And how a two. Mean this is one of the first things they teach you in the a police academy. And then when your first starting now on the street as an officer I was and LE PD officer and learning how to. When you have an encounter with a citizen. As one of the most important things because situations can get out of hand very quick. And you sometimes we'll have to escalate the use of force and that's really not where you wanna go if you can. That's what you want to do and this this officer clearly wasn't looking to do it in in a manner where there wouldn't be any physical confrontation. OK so what should she she had done out what you he had done rather she doesn't want to get out of the car what does he do next. According to the book. OK we we have a situation like this where you're providing the person instructions. There's this this technique called verbal judo. And then other departments may call it something different but at the Los Angeles police department we called verbal judo. And that's basically understanding how to talk to people everybody is different people have different backgrounds and you have to understand. That you want to use your words first to try to. Connect with and to help them understand what you're trying to get them to do in this case the officer. If he's gonna issuer ticket just. Have a conversation wither to get through issuing a ticket or warning. And move on with the situation. Now she doesn't want to put out the cigarette. He can explain to her that the reason why I want you put out the cigarette is that like your full attention so I can explain to you what I'm doing. That way she's now hearing that he's thinking about. Her and her understanding of the situation. At least now he's connecting with her that's how you go about using verbal judo to try to resolve these type situations. Not she's still not going to comply. Then the next thing you do if you're gonna try to ticket two a level bringing her out of the car and she doesn't want to get out of the car you call for baca. Now you see in the video. He doesn't call for back up until he's trying to polar out of the car and in the middle of putting her hit his hands on. On this bland he then starts to you dispatched there the radio. Horrible tactics that that. Because now his gun in his his teaser or are near her again he doesn't know what her background is. But the fact is if you're going to try to get physical somebody. Call for baca it that's that that's not that difficult wasn't like she was speeding away a running away she was in place. OK and Ryan the officer. Being put on administrative leave at this point for that family of course not satisfied watching that video would certainly be painful for them the very painful and every point Steve meet there was absolutely picture perfect and think about it this way from the family's perspective. This family I think and their representative. Do very good job right now in my mind because they're not. They're still trying to gather information and they're not lobbing accusations you did something wrong this person killed my sister that's not what they're trying to say. They're trying to say we are gathering all this information and in many ways from their perspective. It works a little bit like this if not for this officer's actions that put her in jail which you have been a situation. Where. Whatever happened and that's so happens that is not blaming the officer for what happened and that cell. But it is bringing up questions what happened between the point that she was arrested on that street. And the point where she died in you heard them say in the press conference we want and I'm not only about what we've seen on this tape. But everything up to her death and beyond so we can have our questions answered about what happened and that's also what I think they're doing so well at this point is despite the pain they might be feeling. Despite some of the things they might be feeling about the police department of those were involved with this bland. The idea for them is let's keep that incited to we see all the information and that's really what's all you can do with this. Because in many ways this is to separate stories we're talking about the arrest that led to her in jail where. The death actually occurred it's Stephen like test you land was found dead in her cell hanging by a plastic trash bag how could that happen. And how could any of the officers working that night not know what was going on. Apple especially as it as what was been reported if she said something about it. She had. Tried to commit suicide but before something like that. If that is true then it's the responsibility of the officers in the jailers that are working there to ensure that she does it have anything their position. That could result in her it. You know harming herself. Now if if that's not true that she didn't say that. And day and she had no intention of committing suicide and absolutely which they're gonna have to look at who had access to that jail cell inserted. Hold people accountable as to where were they during this period of time while she was there. You know her family her giving these real life he tells them very touching about how this is someone who would she just filled refrigerator with food right I mean she was just driving from one place to and other accusing that point in her life. And and the biggest thing about her is this is a woman who lived in Chicago had just gotten a job offer to work for her former school which her family says she loved. And not only that you heard the lawyers say today. Step two job offers. This is a person that to them was excited about life and. That too many people would seem. Not to be the situation of someone who would take their own life. So you start looking at least if I'm a lawyer on this case. I start looking. At the intervening factors well this person when it is someone who was excited about life had everything going for the messages for her family be positive. What happens between the time that she was in that incident on the street and the time that she was found dead in herself. And for this family the thought becomes the person we knew was in good spirits the person we knew was starting a new light. And so positive about what the future health. How could that person take their own life that is suspicious anyway you look at it and they got to find out why. And see how will they be going forward in terms of this investigation. She clearly had been making phone calls she was in touch with their families to tell them that she had. Bomb they were trying to raise that money for her we're gonna go from here. Well they're clearly gonna interview everybody that she had contact with while she was in in the sell or in jail. They're GNU they're gonna take a look at everybody that was working at the station. Between the time she showed up and the time. That she was found. And so everybody in that police station that was there. They're going to be interviewed they're gonna look at all the video they're gonna look at. Any type of you know bugs. That are showing access into the actual prison where she was being held there's that it's going to be a full accounting of everybody that was involved. At the station when she was there and these are going to be strong interviews the Republican a look at. What other people were saying. What what that witnesses were there were saying two of the people. And to see if there's any clues or or indication that somebody may have had contact with either so that's going to be important as law. What's also key here is as the family mentioned. Police have been cooperating with them you really hope that cooperation continues because some people might think well it got something hiding and hide everything I think it a case like this. I think it's time for the authorities to really come together with the family and do exactly as Steve said. Give us the same access let us ask the same questions that you're asking. And really keep an open book with us because we want to find out the truth and if you do to. It's important to cooperate now in some ways there are certain things authorities we'll say what we can't reveal that right now but. They're gonna have to maybe take some steps I think in this that they are not used to taking in order to be fully transfer. And a case like this this is an attorney that want his own investigate prior to an independent autopsy. Be trying to get these answers. Just as much as four yeah and and they told us last night that preliminary indications from their own personal autopsy. They haven't finished it yet but some of the preliminary indications that she had bruising and a large area for back. That was consistent with an officer putting a knee in her back so that's another thing contributes to this entire story. And when you look at it I know some people or people are saying well. This happened to run the street how does that affect what happened in the jail if all goes together because had it not been for her being placed in that deal based on what happened on the street. The situation for death wouldn't happen it's not to save somebody's responsible for the other it's to say. Questions have to be answer to provide the causal link to do the entire connection as to what really happened here. Ryan Smith I wanna thank you so much and ABC's Steve comments thank you so much for joining us. You keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and star in this story for exclusive updates ago contact Hernandez and you are.

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