Family takes us into their home to show how much time is spent on screens: Part 1

Over the course of 30 hours, three kids and their parents are all shocked at the amount of time they're immersed in devices. This American family sends a message about how quickly time slips away.
8:41 | 05/04/19

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Transcript for Family takes us into their home to show how much time is spent on screens: Part 1
For six months we have been traveling this country and search of the answers to the questions we're all asking. Are we spending so much time on our screens it's undermining our families our children. Our relationship. Even changing our brains. Let's start with this back 49. Days every year that's how much time and adults and looking down just thought our mobile screen. And that's a month and a half each year of our lives. Parents across the country told us they feel they're in a crisis with their kids. When the time comes to town to stump. My daughter's history crosses. White news YE. Why we need help parents and help my battle is only thing you look at people crying the kids her face down in their phones again what are we doing it make you better I have. Kids who are toddlers when they get stressed out they don't. Reach for their mom they've reached there I had to what our kids where they have spent more time on I hope the answer isn't the real world. And kids have something they want to say they've grown. That's how do you feel Wang. Mom and Adam are on yourself to moments yeah. Yeah. About signing it found US Allen son here. We felt kids calling out parents your standing next to them on the street. More or less this daughter says her mom is on 24 hours a day. And her mom blames work I'm literally communicating network and so yeah. And it trying to explain that but they don't understand. Hanging back my money for king yeah she's tired I. So as we take our devices everywhere how do we all feel. About all of us who walk looking down. Go to dinner and our phones come to and even a family trip to the zoo here at the aquarium yesterday no one is using their eyes look at this -- everyone's feeling. And watching it through the camera. People sitting there is I won't want to majorities. But not always no good full. Later would be next. Lights and small even people we love. Man because they can't get enough to stop. Ago. Doesn't think it is when he adds that he. No sorry they've today. I'm cadet corny parade the unconditional he popped out of trouble. So few moments ago we send out a message asking all of you to tell us what your feeling about this new world and is there a struggle inside your home. One of two messages that came back to us was this one from a family in the midwest asking for help. The mom Annette family sent those diss their old family videos and she says this is her favorite song love these I. Golden. We'll be back in your life the only answer for a short time she told us she'd been thinking a lot about what the family used to do. The force they all had scream. When we're off like he doesn't know. And snow then. So we had the midwest and to drive at the house where this family has agreed to let us install six cameras. And sold through to keep track of their time on devices over the course of about thirty hours on a weekend. And here they are that family who agree to open their lives to do something brave in case it can help your life to. She's an executive at a large global manufacturer. Data financial advisor they have four children one a college three at home. So we're Roland on Friday a school is over. The youngest child twelve year old Johnny puts on his headphones and gets ready to spend the rest of the afternoon. Locked into the video game port. He tells her camera he agreed with his mom he wants to spend more family time. I satellite and our family needs help because we really don't Oleg milling and sometimes it gets Blake. Really. Like. She confusing and I want us this is skewed. You know Carson arriving home he's a true sport athlete at school and at home to screen didn't want snack on video games. His older sister Christian athlete good student sits on the sofa with a snap at them schools and Stu grant dad who works from home is on his computer to. At 630 mom finally arrived home after her eleven hour day at her high pressure job exhausted happy to hunt the kid fad over dad's tacos and dinner mom decides to talk about talking. The reality of the that you guys are on devices like almost all the time ends we don't have a chance at fox Kristen says she needs the time to have friends wherever they are number. Snapped tactics. Are they really are friends of the kids say they too would like more family time but everyone is on devices are. Yeah community I think this is much of its. Ha yeah. Michelle says over the years she tried to set limits but it always rolled back and she's pretty much given up a lot. I'd love to know their fierce but what freedom that I'm a mom and I can really I would think that's part of my rate that's part my mom's job listed to help. Them manage and alleviate those those fears her only request now. Could everyone just use their screens in the same room at one point she comes in to say how much he loves it when they're nearby. Seriously you guys sitting here. Is mine. This you are here who. My kids on screens everywhere they don't look up. Show eventually also picks up her phone and spent a little time on FaceBook. Todd is her husband of 26 years. I mean our. She's one of the most outstanding women right now you know twenty years ago it was just me and her and there was no one else and now it's me and her in. Her 3000 FaceBook for a second thing they can be a huge distraction. That night the lights go out in the house. But suddenly someone is on the prowl the fifteen year old Carson who says he often treats sleep test each and more screen time. 8 next morning grandpa comes to say hello excuse while my face. If but the kids soon drift back to their games. I have snapped yet I have no idea what how to use it how it works. Our cameras keep rolling on Saturday. And later when we sit down to scroll was a thirty hours of tape from march day active basketball game. We see what it's like when the family makes a trip to the middle school basketball. My cards for about an hour. And arsenal loving kids had such a good time. Which makes it striking to me also see scenes like this eyes fixed on screens for hour after hour. Scenes in which nothing seems to move except a scrolling finger. And their little dog. So we asked the family together with us around the table for a kind of tally we start with John during the day and a half we were there he was nearly twelve hours on screen it's seven of them video games tomorrow. Carson even longer fourteen. Hatch. And Johnny's on its voice heard are Johnny. And Kristen is stunned to learn she's been on twelve and a half hours in the parents. Five hours each of social media FaceBook Twitter due to. One American family tonight sending a message to all of us about how quickly time. Slips away at the end of the week woody additional four. We're not name.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"Over the course of 30 hours, three kids and their parents are all shocked at the amount of time they're immersed in devices. This American family sends a message about how quickly time slips away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62813783","title":"Family takes us into their home to show how much time is spent on screens: Part 1","url":"/US/video/family-takes-us-home-show-time-spent-screens-62813783"}