Fauci addresses previous comment about timing of shutdown orders

President Trump re-tweeted a message that read “Time to #FireFauci” after the doctor was asked whether more lives could have been saved if social distancing orders had been put into place earlier.
4:09 | 04/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fauci addresses previous comment about timing of shutdown orders
To Washington where the president raised some eyebrows today after re tweeting a message saying that it's time to hash tag fire found she referring to doctor Anthony found you after the top infectious disease specialist said this weekend. The administration could've potentially done more to slow the spread of the corona virus early on. That comes the trump administration is ramping up efforts to examine wind to reopen the economy. With the new task force expected to be announced tomorrow ABC's Terry Moran is in Washington. With the latest from the White House. It was an ominous sign president trump re tweeting last night an attack on doctor Anthony found cheat the original tweet including the hash tag. Time to fire follow cheek. This on the same day found out she declared in an interview on CNN that the administration's reluctance to call for shut downs and strong social distancing measures sooner. Has cost more American lives in the pandemic obviously you could logically say. That if you had a process that was ongoing and you started. Mitigation earlier you could save lives obviously know what is gonna deny that but there was a lot of push back about shutting things down back then. And here's what bounty said just moments ago. I was asked a a hypothetical question. And hypothetical questions sometimes can get you into some difficulty the nature of the hypothetical question. Was if in fact we had mitigated early Chris lives have been saved. And the answer to my question was as they always do and I'm doing right now perfectly honestly say yes I mean obviously. But judge you went on to say that when he would doctor Deborah Burks went to the president with their recommendations. Trump listen the first and only time. That doctor Burks and I. When Ian informally made a recommendation. To the president the president listened to the recommendation. And went to the mitigation. The next second. Time that I went with doctor Burks. Into the president and said fifteen days are not enough we need to go thirty days. And Terry Moran joins us announcer we just saw that the president play pre produced video of the daily briefing with clips saying. What a great job the child administration is doing the free talk us through. What just happened just give me a sense at all your time covering the White House have you ever seen anything like that. We held Lindsay it does show how these briefings in a national emergency pandemic have shifted. From primarily information on how to how to how do you administration is responding by policy what people should do to promotion. This is a campaign year in it was a slickly produced campaign stout video. I think sort of if they use of those screens for informational video that this is making no bones about it it looked like a campaign commercial and felt like a campaign commercial. From the podium of the White House. How wind up part is that briefing as at least nominally try to inform people about the policies the administration is pursuing this pandemic and what they should do about it. On the debate of the reopening the country's economy the president also weighed in on that today saying that he has the authority to make that tough decision while some governors other pushing back saying that it's up to the state so. So who's right here. Most of the governor's Lindsay Eddie it is clear by constitutional law and federal statute that public health and safety. Are the province primarily of our states that's we have that Federalist system. Local cops police local streets local public health inspectors. Try to manage the public health of the State's the president does have power over interstate he can quarantined a state. Oh what happens inside the opening of schools and businesses. That is that they the problems of governors unless the president wants to cut funding federal funding to states that don't abide by his timetable. That it might even be constitutionally if he. But that is the one tool that he has at his disposal he of course does have. The bully pulpit he can but sheer relief to states to reopen and they might do so because of his leadership. About his toolbox is limited when it comes to the constitution. Terry in Iran always drivel for your insight thank you for that.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"President Trump re-tweeted a message that read “Time to #FireFauci” after the doctor was asked whether more lives could have been saved if social distancing orders had been put into place earlier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70130983","title":"Fauci addresses previous comment about timing of shutdown orders","url":"/US/video/fauci-addresses-previous-comment-timing-shutdown-orders-70130983"}