FBI Fatally Shoots Florida Man in Boston Bombing Probe

FBI says a "violent confrontation" followed the questioning of Ibragim Todashev.
5:36 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for FBI Fatally Shoots Florida Man in Boston Bombing Probe
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm when I'm Tanya Rivero -- New York with an ABC news digital special report. Investigators are trying to find out what exactly caused an FBI agent to shoot a man in Orlando fla. Being questioned about the Boston bombings the FBI believes 27 year old Ebert gene to -- -- was friends with the Boston bombing suspects. For more on this recent development we go live now -- ABC's Aaron contreras -- hi there Aaron. -- -- good morning this giving him be bringing into dust was being questioned in connection with the marathon attack there was no immediate suggestion. He was in any way involved directly but he was apparently an associate of camera -- -- and I have the older of the two Brothers who are the prime suspects in the bombings. I may have met with a -- of more than once do we know. Why he was so strongly on their radar. You know we don't know specifically but the FBI has been picking out folks in the Chechen community and they've been doing it up and down the I 95 corridor we know that they were in New Hampshire. Earlier this month now we learn that they were in Orlando. At least early this morning and they have been going through trying to find associates. Of -- -- -- have. Including introduction of we don't know the specific relationship but may have -- -- -- in Boston. He was also involved in the same -- mixed martial arts crowd -- contaminants are -- -- vote was involved with. But the specific nature of the relationship is not known yet. So what else do we know about this man anything remotely like you said we know that he was perhaps involved in the martial arts community perhaps lived in Boston. Any other information. Not much and and and the FBI says right now that the priority is on figuring out. What exactly caused what's described to us -- a violent confrontation early this morning. That's -- Austin's apartment where the FBI agent from Boston accompanied by a couple of members of the Massachusetts state police where they -- two to interview him about his relationship. With temperaments are nine at. And apparently that interview had been going well the suspect was cooperative. And then there was nothing two to suggest that it would rise -- to to the ugly level that it did but at some point we're told the FBI agent perceived a threat. There was there was some injuries to the FBI agent before he shot and killed -- he received an option of 27 years old attraction but but living in Orlando. It's interesting because looking into the story little that I SR report that he was also recently. In trouble with the law over perhaps injuring a man over an argument over a parking space has backtracked. That happened -- early this early this month around the fourth of may and he was booked for aggravated assault and processed in Circuit Court in Florida. But but but released. They paid about 3500 dollars bail at the time. As so that was the only prior then that he had in terms of run ins with we -- Orlando area authorities. -- nothing in his background to suggest that the he could be connected with any kind of -- -- that we know of yet or or or something that would link him directly to the marathon attacks. And that is that not a lot of information has come out yet about this exact incident in what. Caused that the shooting death but at the same time the FBI has released a statement making it clear there were other witnesses there during this questioning -- It and they wanted to they want people know that that this wasn't just an FBI agents so words against somebody else's this was an agent wins Massachusetts state police officers who would come down. From Boston for the direct purpose of of interviewing to -- seven perhaps some others in the Orlando area. Regarding the marathon attacks and what specifically -- said may have been involved with we're not sure when it may have just been. Running down all known associates of -- -- I have they've been doing it and other states they were doing it now in Florida. This one ended in a death. Now our affiliate in Orlando -- -- TV is reporting that one of -- friends has said. He wanted to fly home to checked me out but authorities have urged him to stay for just one more injured -- And this may have been. What what put him over the edge causing that violent confrontation with the FBI was he frustrated. Was he tired of being questioned this that this period of questioning -- happen. -- more than just early this morning we understand so what exactly led to that confrontation is going to be key. And of course if there were travels in Chechnya remember contaminants are -- -- have -- apparent radicalization. Is believed to have happened overseas we know. According to -- into our own reporting that he had been involved with at least two militants. Who has since been killed by the Russian security services and in fact it may have been. One of those militants who first tipped off. That the Russians to -- and I have who'd been tipped off the FBI and we know that there have been some questions raised about whether enough was done with that chain of reporting. And of course we just don't know -- to Dawson himself have been traveling back imports to Russia either now do we. Have any clue as to whether he may have been harmed during his confrontation. That's going to be a big question did he have some kind of a gun what was the nature of the threat that the FBI agent perceived. Before he shot and killed them apparently a bit there must have been some kind of an attack because we're told the FBI -- sustain some injuries not life threatening but nonetheless was taken to the hostile. Well I'm sure that much more about this and that'll be coming out and the hours and the days ahead ABC's Aaron -- -- thank you for that thanks -- for the latest. Investigation into this Orlando shooting of an alleged friend of the Boston bombers go to abcnews.com. I'm -- ribeiro in New York. And this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"id":19232908,"title":"FBI Fatally Shoots Florida Man in Boston Bombing Probe","duration":"5:36","description":"FBI says a \"violent confrontation\" followed the questioning of Ibragim Todashev.","url":"/US/video/fbi-fatally-shoots-florida-man-boston-bombing-probe-19232908","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}