FBI Reveal New Clues in 1990 Boston Art Heist

Federal agents believe suspects are linked to a New England crime organization.
2:11 | 03/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Reveal New Clues in 1990 Boston Art Heist
23 years ago thirteen culturally significant -- is -- -- were stolen from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Just after midnight on March 18 199023. Years ago today. Two men posing as Boston Police officers blocked their way into the museum by telling the night guards that they were investigating its surface. After tying up the security guards in the museum's basement that the spent 81 minutes seizing works of art now valued at more than 500 million dollars. Among the thirteen stolen works were premier. Free Rembrandts. Five degas in -- -- flank and two others. That theft is believed to be the largest property crime in history -- currently on the FBI's top ten list of most significant part crimes. Today on the 23 anniversary of the -- we are pleased to announce. The FBI has made significant investigator progress in the search for the stolen art and Isabella Stewart Gardner art museum. For the first time we can say with a high degree of confidence. We determined that in the years since the -- There was transported to Connecticut. And to the Philadelphia area. For example recently we determined that approximately a decade ago some of the art was brought to Philadelphia where it was offered for sale. In 2010. And this investigation accelerated. FBI agents developed crucial pieces of evidence to confirm the identity of those who entered the museum. And others associated with the -- who belong -- criminal organization. That evidence was immediately recognized as the key to opening other doors -- to decades of careful and diligent investigation that procedure. In fact as expected. It quickly led to confirming the identity of those involved in the robbery and brought -- the point where we are today. Because this is an ongoing investigation. It is imprudent specified. -- the identity of individuals for the group that we have identified. -- -- -- -- Ongoing investigation to locate the art. We encourage those with information about the crime -- the current location of the stolen artwork to call us call us at 1800. Call FBI. Or -- on line at tips dot FBI dot go.

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{"id":18758151,"title":"FBI Reveal New Clues in 1990 Boston Art Heist","duration":"2:11","description":"Federal agents believe suspects are linked to a New England crime organization.","url":"/US/video/fbi-reveal-clues-in-1990-boston-art-heist-18758151","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}