Federal Government Buys Illinois Prison for $165M

New federal prison, which has been stalled for years, could bring 1,100 jobs to state.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Federal Government Buys Illinois Prison for $165M
There is more than the -- harvest causing some celebration in Thomson Illinois the town of 600. Will soon be host of eight federal prison at -- be great for everyone. Other businesses and -- it is. Let's be great it'll mean a lot dozens surrounding communities jobs. Economy. That's what it's for. The Obama administration and the Federal Bureau of Prisons will purchase -- facility in western Illinois at an opposition from the chairman of the house. Overseas prison spending but today transition from state federal facility. And could catch Obama's health. Terms in prison was he knew all about it he campaigned around here and he knew how important jobs -- to our states in this region so it was an easy sell in that regard. This sale brings 165. Million dollars to the state of Illinois and and an estimated 1000 new jobs. It's gonna create at least a thousand -- a lot of economic activity -- 200 million dollars. A year will be created by this particular facility. Lots of people are working in coming back and forth -- Restaurants and such. I know a few people they are in dire need of finding the job right now. Opening the prison is opened jobs and people be able -- you know we'll get back to working for put up for the family. But some do not see this sale as a win for everyone in the area. Janet -- Norris would like to see politicians and resource is focused on education locally. No I'm not celebrating it's -- -- northwestern -- -- we need jobs but I wanna see something for our young people.

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{"id":17385246,"title":"Federal Government Buys Illinois Prison for $165M","duration":"3:00","description":"New federal prison, which has been stalled for years, could bring 1,100 jobs to state.","url":"/US/video/federal-government-buys-illinois-prison-for-165m-17385246","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}