Female Pilot Wants Girls to Reach for the Sky

American's Kathy Durst urges girls to believe they can achieve any goal they set their minds to.
3:33 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for Female Pilot Wants Girls to Reach for the Sky
Hello I'm -- there -- some 37 fleet captain I've been an American Airlines. Point five years -- -- -- the airport -- seven -- When I was a young child my father was a fighter pilot in the military -- -- both the Korean and Vietnam War and used to talk a lot about flying and I never really. Thought about it consider this country would've had I've been avoid that doesn't know why wasn't. When I was a senior. Senior high school of my mother's suggestion and I applied to the air force academy women had just -- for the first time in. Until -- plus plus points. And air force academy. Summer. Graduated from -- forces it's 21 and immediately was commissioned as active duty officer. -- the pilot training runs reports this thing got hired an American Airlines of the -- command reports. My job right now American Airlines calls -- along a 737 and -- the -- captain with 217 -- -- of and there are 2500 pilots on American. -- just so what my job is -- charge of the manuals. So any time there are any -- directives coming from the FAA -- Boeing makes any changes to an aircraft carrier things that we wanted to change. To make our procedures different I have faced with training plane that went fifteen -- seven -- when Thomas -- -- -- -- on. One down and the return classes talking to them and feel like that's my job my job is number one pilots. When I graduated. The air force academy -- with the pilot training. There was a woman thing. That -- -- -- -- American Airlines now captain -- Garland is trying to form the women's military pilots association because we were having issues. That I uniforms and that there -- -- maternity. -- -- any of them are finally was able pulled out all together -- 1980s -- that move was originally formed I was able to participate in. The first and on world conference and even though that was what it was an important part of the bloodline and those women that that preceded it gave -- my room. Early on in my career in American Airlines. There were a lot of men that had been flown in. Vietnam where they were all that they were the guys that were 5960. That had never -- -- it is a big deal I'm still. Maybe I'm naive but I'm still pretty stunned that it was stolen -- -- -- -- another forty years we'll be. The fact that women -- flying. Were glowing numbers only because most of the airline's major airlines are from the military women confined. -- silent when I get off the judge when people are you planning to cut open the door I'm looking. For the little girl to walk from buying and selling the -- do anything. Which is what my mom always told my life. Many of the veterans that are flying out there whether they be. On the ground or an airplane. You know we'll -- when we thank you for your service this country -- That were out what we are you know. We all appreciate it.

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{"id":19448550,"title":"Female Pilot Wants Girls to Reach for the Sky","duration":"3:33","description":"American's Kathy Durst urges girls to believe they can achieve any goal they set their minds to.","url":"/US/video/female-pilot-kathi-durst-girls-reach-sky-19448550","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}