Fire and Flooding in Louisville

GE factory still smoldering and streets are under water with more rain on the way.
6:53 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Fire and Flooding in Louisville
Developing now water rescues across Louisville, Kentucky after a soaking spring storm. People rescued by boat after their neighborhood was suddenly under several feet of water. And the other developing story in Louisville right now from the water to the huge flames you see there city. General Electric plant went up in flames and the would fill a busy morning for firefighters and rescue crews. Hello there analyst at her in New York. The Louisville area getting seven inches of rain in the last 24 hours drenched by that storm that moved through the Ohio River valley. And you'll begin with reporter Brooke hash of our Louisville affiliate WH ES she joins us now with more. Hello Brooke and let's begin with what we've seen on your website the station's website there were a bunch of road closures and barricades at least of them and that officials there think this storm. Was gonna turn out as badly as it did were they prepared. You know we did speak with the mayor this morning they said they hours prepared as they couldn't and but the sad and inches of rain that we received this morning was a little more. Then we knew that when it was going to be coming so in that aspect. We were definitely surprised to see exactly how much water we received and not only a busy morning were firefighters but a devastating. For many residents were in a suburb just south of global and local law. And you can see right now what's left over of those floodwaters it's already receded 81 to two feet at this point. This is an apartment complex called guardian court. This morning around 3:30 AM we had water just rushing into that first floor of these apartments waking up many of their residents who had no idea that when they step out of their bad. They would be ankle deep and water. They were immediately going to the door trying to pick up anything they could putting anything up in the higher areas of the home. A knock on the door came from several people in rescue boats you have those water wraps. Dozens of them trying to make their way. Our round hundreds of these apartments in all close to 200 people were rescued here throughout little 136. A loan here at this apartment complex thankfully rescuers say. No one was seriously injured even the rescuers trying to it. Get through those whiners no hypothermia anything like that because they obviously did see a little bit the pulled down as well now. The evacuations were mandatory on the first floor how are on the second floor. Those firefighters did get people the option of going with them that last chance to get in a boat. Or staying at home Marty seeing some children in the second floor windows hanging out waving to us now wishing they did have about. Two to get out because as you can tell of this water probably stick around ornament another couple of days and we're experiencing. A forecast now early on into our evening hours you'll probably see some more severe weather lets them. Brooke and to put things into perspective here. Louisville no stranger to flooding but he talked about how bad this was in comparison with some of the other flights and the house. Just a couple weeks ago we experienced a lot of flooding along the Ohio River which is pretty much normal. Four that case it a lot of the network's evening I'm down showing what kind of flooding was happening off our our river road they get all that for the most part stayed. Within the flood wall region now this is something that we don't see Gary often covered this apartment complex has actually received this type of flooding. Twice just live in the last year and a half these residents know they knew what was coming the moment they saw those rescuers at their door. That they say there's really nothing that they can do their hoping to Italy and lord we'll be able to give them some relief. But only time will tell they're actually at a shelter. Throughout global area and we've absolutely what the Red Cross set up a shelter at our fairgrounds. So probably dozens if not more are there right now also. Others with family and friends but this right here. Is definitely a rare situation for our area. OK let's good to hear that there aren't shelters set up now what about any power issues as a result of this so when can you talked with about that. We did have a few outages across the area this morning and really significant that was actually something. That was nice to hear that people while they might it had flooding throughout their homes you know ankle to a foot high deep in water. That they still had their power so some people may have had to flee from their houses others were OK and still sunny. The light is on and that's the good news of the afternoon and. That's the good news and you earlier mention that the water has already begun to recede but unfortunately you also mentioned there's another storm that you are expecting. How are folks preparing president round two at this point. As best as they can you know at this point no one really knows what's going to happen. It being along the Ohio River. We're always prepared for once it hits the river exit that storm just to our rocked other times it misses us so we are planning and hoping for the best but a lot of these people are just gonna have to. Hope that it doesn't happen as hard as it did this morning. Otherwise we may be back here tomorrow with the same story. For a cash they use so much for that report. And we are going to stay in Louisville for the other developing story we've been watching all morning long. The fire at the GE plant and border carmike Dickerson is patsy. Fire hearing GE's appliance park has been burning since 7 this morning and one fired he tells me firefighters won't be going home tonight this is building thick but just one of the buildings here at appliance market up eight acres and it is collapsing right in front of our eyes actually owned by at least by a third party as did say and they use it to store plastic material that have gone completely inside that white smoke showing what burned. A black smoke selling the parts petroleum based materials. That are also continuing to burn we're told there were people inside when the fire broke out however they were be able to get out safely because of Good Friday there weren't many people. On scene. At appliance park when this was going on no injuries reported however that happened heavy rains during today that hampered firefighters' ability to get a handle on this fire. Lowering the visibility so it hasn't helped as much as you might think that it led as far as the cause they think nothing official at this point they are looking into the possibility lightning strike started at all. Department Dickerson WH. And then that we're part and also little quarter Brooke hacks. And as you know can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm with that her in New York.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"GE factory still smoldering and streets are under water with more rain on the way.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30087236","title":"Fire and Flooding in Louisville","url":"/US/video/fire-flooding-louisville-30087236"}