Firsthand accounts from someone who’s tested positive for coronavirus

One of the first congressmen to test positive for COVID-19, Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah, joins us from isolation.
3:11 | 03/20/20

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Transcript for Firsthand accounts from someone who’s tested positive for coronavirus
As the hunt for clues to combat corona virus intensifies it can be so helpful to hear firsthand accounts from someone who's tested positive for the virus. So we bring in representative Ben Mick Adams if you tell he joins us now. From isolation one of the first congress and to test positive for covad nineteen to congressman good to see you tell us how you're feeling today. Thank you I'm still feeling pretty bad it's I have a lot of aches headache fever last by the heater from the Gaza at a deeper about a hundred feet last night. And then it still labored breathing cycle people don't like and got a belt around my chances I'd bet I can take full breath and then. That now I've been cop thinks so much for for a few days of Michael Corso the muscles in my court torso sort someone a cop but it still payment. In my courtroom though it's pretty bad I think compared anything else you've experienced in terms of illness. Bipartisan the thicket that never been. Wow wow I mean I imagine this had to come as a shock when you tested positive. At what point did you know that you should be that you needed to be tested. So on Saturday evening that's Saturday afternoon evening I started feeling. These symptoms they felt a little eight B and an elevated temperature about a hundred degrees those I just went to bed early. I woke up on Sunday Marty immediately isolated myself I would expose anyone else that woke up Sunday morning still feeling not very gets a call the doctor. It said that with a limited tests available quite simply didn't really rise the level that weren't that weren't. That's but I certainly I flip myself and not risk exposing anyone else. I'm it was pretty mild for a few days it was on Monday night. Over the night that I woke up I didn't speak much much now that knife and it really got worse that's when there. That is difficult in breathing started and they would try costs and that. I can but about a 103 that night so I called my doctor again on Tuesday morning. And he said that those symptoms were pretty. Aggressive than it currently but actually get tests until I mean apartment here with the local clinic and went up and got a statement. Sure enough I was confident. While and you are there now as you point out in isolation but your father your husband. You're away from your family so how are you spending time while you're all by yourself player isolated. You well actually I am I'm here in new child with my family. We are all isolated when I was when I tested positive. And we were already practicing social distancing but when I tested positive. We lock the doors and I just hunkering down at home I am hoping that nobody else in the Stanley. Come down a bit. I am mostly in bed and my family is. Playing video games playing board games during puzzled if they are and whether I think a lot of Americans are doing trying to act in themselves. And until practice good practices and I would take this opportunity to say this is real and I and I hope people follow the guidelines but he DC mayor local health authorities there. They're not joking that we need to take they biased and the guidance they give very seriously. No we are certainly thinking if you and your family and again yet is important here from you that this is the worst you have ever felt this is not something. That we anybody wants to play around with so thank you for that very important information. Congressman Nick Adams thanks for being with us and against we wish a speedy recovery group.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"One of the first congressmen to test positive for COVID-19, Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah, joins us from isolation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69709887","title":"Firsthand accounts from someone who’s tested positive for coronavirus","url":"/US/video/firsthand-accounts-whos-tested-positive-coronavirus-69709887"}