Flight Attendant Murder Mystery

US Airways' Nick Aaronson was found dead in Mexico City hotel room.
1:18 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flight Attendant Murder Mystery
Inside this Mexico city hotel sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning 27 year old nick Aronson was strangled. When the Phoenix resident failed to meet its -- US Airways flight attendants -- -- -- to catch a ride to the airport Hilton security found his -- lifeless body. According to Mexican media Nick's hands were tied behind his back. Literally work for holding each other up if it's one of those will crank next week let's take care of her let's take care for coworkers because all of -- -- union office for flight attendant -- flight attendant. Deborah bull told me the flight attendants union is completely focused on helping Nick's family and console in other crew members. She said much of the feeling is shock after losing the boy known for his infectious smile. Very popular flight attendant good flight attendant. Many friends. Until the US Airways flight nick was supposed to work was canceled yesterday because his co workers were so upset. Mexican media reports there were no drugs or weapons found in -- -- -- that his luggage had been strewn about the room. And had a belt around his neck. Those -- to -- Tellme security cameras at the hotel in his missing cell phone providing critical information in the investigation. Now an autopsy is set to take place as investigators work to figure out what happened.

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{"id":14850151,"title":"Flight Attendant Murder Mystery","duration":"1:18","description":"US Airways' Nick Aaronson was found dead in Mexico City hotel room.","url":"/US/video/flight-attendant-murder-mystery-14850151","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}