Record-Breaking Rain Drenches Parts of the East Coast

Dozens of people abandoned their vehicles after flooding left cars underwater and highways submerged.
6:01 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Record-Breaking Rain Drenches Parts of the East Coast
This summer super soaker record breaking rain East Coast leaving cars underwater during the morning commute. So many caught off guard. Dozens. Simply abandon and parts of Michigan highway submerged people waist deep in water fleeing their cars and in Pittsburgh this. Saturated ground gave way to that massive sinkhole swallowing a car. Outside of the tanning -- When I'm down Cutler in New York drenching floods rescues and now so much drying out -- -- to do. ABC's -- BT's with the latest on a summer storm. -- I believe god. -- -- Flash floods -- wrenching parts of the northeast today. Hundreds of cars submerged. A record breaking rainfall in one part of Long Island New York more than thirteen inches pouring down. In mill hill New Jersey ferocious floods up to five feet of water forcing evacuations and at least two communities. A few homes even collapsed residents grabbed their pets and a few belongings as rescue crews rushed to get them now. -- the avenue completely underwater in Maryland one county swallowed by more than ten inches of rain in just 24 hours. Baltimore had its wettest day in eighty years that day -- forcing this woman and her car underwater. It was up to the bottom -- -- This rescue according to officials just one of more than a dozen in the area. I'm sure -- -- Pratap often about candidates will be fall Raleigh, North Carolina struck two. Forty people evacuated from nearby -- to shelters. When the water started con man and they started flooding in my bed and everything else. I knew ruined travel. -- This rainfall is -- store -- -- more than thirteen inches that poured down in Islip New York is the most rain in one day ever in the entire state. These flash floods -- brought down trees and forced several major roads and highways in the New York area to close. -- Batiste ABC news. New York. So for more on the storms cross country ought to bring in AccuWeather is -- Waldman. Heather Ellis -- on the East Coast there the tristate area especially Long Island hit very hard from the system. -- at the rainfall has been absolutely incredible here's a look at the overall set -- a very strong cold front. Moving across central New England drying on lots of Atlantic moisture. Record setting rainfall in Islip New York there on Long Island over thirteen inches of rain. That isn't new at New York State record for 24 hour rainfall also flooding reported. In Providence, Rhode Island feet of water on the ground there and -- is seen here the heavy rain going to continue moving to central New England over the next couple of hours. Most of it faithfully to the west of Boston so at least this major city is escaping the worst of it essential New England -- be a long afternoon here with lots of rain expected. -- -- from two to four inches in many of these areas but. As we've seen already in places like I slip and yesterday Detroit as well as Baltimore. The system has been capable of producing bull's eyes of the upwards of double digit rainfall so -- be ruled out even as we have through today in some of these heavier pockets of rainfall. Certainly not good news for the evening commute home tonight but better news as we head into the day on Thursday. There is going to move in behind the front with the downpours going to move off into parts of. Nova Scotia and that's what's happening right now but obviously this system the remnants from what happened in the midwest in Detroit particular there a lot of rain a lot of flooding. How much did they -- Yet Detroit had over four and a half inches of rainfall that was their record for the wettest August day ever so they're still cleaning up as -- mentioned Baltimore had a huge amount of rainfall yesterday over six inches there. Baltimore Washington international had huge amounts of delays. They're -- cleaning up from flooding I convention the Detroit will be sealed unfortunately it looks like long islands gonna have a bit of a long road ahead as well. And then -- as you go even further west Southern California where they can be using some of those water there what's happening out in that area. That's right over 60% of California as an extreme drought as the highest level -- drop that you can be and that -- only continues to expand your week by week upper level area of low pressure is drawing in lots of monsoonal moisture so. Looking at locally heavy thunderstorms here across the four corners -- used to seeing it flash flooding possible in Vegas back to -- -- Phoenix as well. But unfortunately as you said the rain not really falling where we need it here's a look at satellite showing -- the rain falling right now. Lot cloud cover not a whole lot of coverage as far as rainfall goes. Meanwhile in the northwest another area of low pressure want to be helping alleviate some of the wildfire problems we've been having so that is good news. -- -- bad news may be the fact that some of these storms that could have some isolated severe weather reports -- -- And damaging -- similar to what we saw yesterday mainly in the higher elevations of eastern Washington as well as organ. I know we've seen some of the pictures -- from Arizona from some of the flash flooding that was happening there are they still under that kind of a threat because of that system. Absolutely any time you get the monsoonal moisture as well as some kind of additional piece of energy such as an upper level low like what we have right now. That's free have the potential to see that flash flooding again the rain not necessarily widespread. -- reducing the -- can be slow moving and wit that additional moisture and they're built in. After we can see the flash flooding similar to what we've seen in Arizona but again the very hitter mess -- people -- gonna have to stay diligent here as we have the next couple days. They tend of the latest -- US Heather -- with the latest on that had a thank you so much appreciate that. Of course you can keep up with the very latest on the system as is moving across the country in real time by downloading ABC news App Store and -- for exclusive updates on the go. I'm -- that's -- New York.

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{"id":24964666,"title":"Record-Breaking Rain Drenches Parts of the East Coast","duration":"6:01","description":"Dozens of people abandoned their vehicles after flooding left cars underwater and highways submerged.","url":"/US/video/flooding-record-breaking-rain-drenches-parts-east-coast-24964666","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}