Florida Mom Helps Solve Son's Murder

Judy Weaver spent seven years gathering information that helped put her son's killer behind bars.
1:36 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Florida Mom Helps Solve Son's Murder
Chasing Gailey might not be sitting in orange county jail tonight is not for this mother who went against everything detectives told her about her son. Vinyl Johnson's death eight years ago. They originally believed Johnson died after he fell off his bike and hit his head they pretty much kinda brush -- -- says -- it was an accident everybody said the same thing. And yes it is done. Well wasn't done Weaver was convinced her son was murdered but says investigators were not they've looked at me and and -- just -- Johnson was in a vegetative state in the hospital but his mother instead told people in the neighborhood he was doing fine and talking about what happened. She says days later -- came -- -- home he wants to tell me he accidentally hit -- with his fist she went to detectives with that information but nothing ever came of it. For the next seven years -- Weaver gathered her own information and kept notes. -- all paid off one day when a detective came into the restaurant where she was working. She shared her story and it just so happened that detective originally worked the case what do you think there -- -- -- DeVine an event I believe it was Weaver was convincing enough that the cold case was reopened. And now years later witnesses started opening up in selling a different story. Saying -- hit Johnson on the head with a gun when he tried to break up a fight. Nine months later there was enough evidence -- -- behind bars all things to a -- into question and hard work I think my son would be proud.

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{"id":20373477,"title":"Florida Mom Helps Solve Son's Murder","duration":"1:36","description":"Judy Weaver spent seven years gathering information that helped put her son's killer behind bars. ","url":"/US/video/florida-mom-helps-solve-sons-murder-20373477","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}