Florida officials denounce end of COVID-19 rules

Local Florida officials are voicing their outrage over Gov. Ron DeSantis suspension of all local COVID-19 emergency orders.
10:10 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Florida officials denounce end of COVID-19 rules
It's Tuesday may fourth we couldn't agree on what to do when it was terrible to expect that the changed and gotten better. We start here. His vaccinations to. Dramatically. Dried on the open infection rates are. Cities and states disagree on what comes next. 10 the outskirts of some mayors are still being more careful once governors telling them you're not allowed to be. Meanwhile other countries are still learning how bad it can get a taste Satan then you need to bring we use an oxygen canister travel bans might not bring him. Geneva expects and you think you're a big company until sued by apple and he looks holidays. Apple. Look trial's under way to decide how much higher big tests he's entitled to. From ABC news decent start here. Last year virus experts couldn't speak and local officials please please tell your communities socially distant signals and Wear a mask. When I say socially distancing getting means at all times including my family members that you may not have seen for a few weeks. Concluding that neighbors down the street. And those guidelines from Anthony out Sheehan Deborah Brooks last year presidential supported them until Georgia said thanks but no thanks. Other states and followed eventually trump himself said its trying to reopen. The time the message from Democrats was. All of the scientists in the last week or public health experts are set according to science. The vaccines are working the average daily number of New Coke case is now below 50000 for the first time since last fall if you're fully vaccinated. And you're outdoors. You need and not a big crowd. You no longer need to Wear masks and suddenly we see several Blue States on the defensive saying we seriously ready to have people gathering in backyards hugging each other and when case numbers while improved still look like fourth of July last year still there hotspots like Colorado and Washington State and Oregon where an indoor dining is now banned in fifteen counties this time it's Republican governor saying hang. All of the signs can I be worried about infections but by and large and the are not coming from vaccinated people don't like. They all breaking years now at noon the governor has signed an executive order to immediately and all over at nineteen restrictions on Google apparently yesterday. Governor want to see just one step further exact. Several steps further than CDC would recommend essentially declared the trying to government mandates on until the nineteen carries over. At the end of the day the evidence tells us and we are over a year and in this. People can act with normal order but emergency orders he's extraordinary measures I'm at this point are not justifiable. That you're already know steep and lose about cope in nineteen goes were already canceled some cities still hadn't asked mandates and other restrictions in place. This was an executive order telling mayors and Florida. You're not allowed to institute cope with restrictions even if you want to. I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point if you're saying that yeah. You really are saying you don't believe in the vaccines don't believe in the data you don't. In the science governor Desantis made an announcement and seek Petersburg Florida well. One person who was not on hand for that announcement was the mayor of Saint Petersburg he's a Democrat he's one of several local leaders who said this is too much too soon but. They might be powerless to stop this we do have the mayor of Saint Petersburg joining us this morning mayor Rick Christ and thanks from in the time says yeah. I'm looking city website right now I'm still seen amassed mandate dare say some days has based any time you're indoors your mask should generally be on ease and not the type of mandate that the governor is now saying is illegal. Eight it is unfortunately. It's not only does the mass. Mandate but I once you do away with our emergency order that means. Any many truly social and requiring tables to lead six seater are requiring people to be seen when their eating or drinking and maintaining social distancing you know what there's there's nothing. I was gonna say what what rules do you guys have replaced as this is Saint Petersburg is not at all the most restrictive city in the country yearning and own all I really hard I think we've been very successful we might see in our. And balancing. Public safety and making sure that we did everything she our communities they really. It's number one job. This week or are you and so we you're choir master. When your were due requires. Here's six socially distance and tables or sixty hour your greasy your being served drinks or eating. So that we need social. You aren't seal the border. Required for any anyone as. Ours over. Her raise your hand we have order required. Outside. Because it was a large gallery which was CDC was. It had seen her eyes ears there was. AC. It place was biased in New York a. Jason and governor Santa says his rationale is floor is getting its people vaccinated at a pretty rapid pace slowing a little but I think like 50% of adults have gotten at least one dose. Is protection right there the State's cases are down below where they were in the wind her even AM looking in Saint Petersburg it's the same below where he doesn't winter below where you were last summer. So I think this is essentially saying come on we'd like people can still decide to socially distance themselves but have the option to get vaccinated now at what point do you mayor Chrysler say. Businesses should be able to do what they want to do. Well you know. I guess my person be getting I want to follow the person opinions of CDC doctor strategy we are at. Or whether or not we're going to be turning that on a still remains to be seen and that they are not. On the same position ski as Lawrence governor sore lower level. Our our opening I'm happy and early recommend. We're not even 44%. Of the population in my county. And I. You know really hoping to get my plan was in consultation with our medical experts even when healthy. I really coordinated and doing. Please. Send back nations who we are looking ceiling we. Or. B arrest. Hardware and assumed. I think all of those are. Those who you're. An all around me. In Euro and turning community say I don't want her I don't want any area. And I'm glad you mentioned a number thanks that's close trying to figure is. Is there were a number of the general population NASA is in us into 2% of adults and 50% of our general population concluded. Should be vaccinated before we get rid of all the rules in general so you're not even necessarily look now semi 5% or 80% number that scientists would say your sand like let's just clear a majority pleased. The you know Wheatley and it's only a percent but I don't mine hours they look. We can get 50%. Over 80% truthful. 70% or are we love does say we wouldn't and I think he you know everybody Dick. I would urge you so. Believable him. Whatever. You can't let us are all this politicized and should never. Ever happened in the country never should have. He can can we just when this around for second look at it from the other Sykes I'm thinking like. You guys are not the most restrictive in the country. Let's look at a place like Salem Massachusetts or Brookline Massachusetts these are couple cities coup. Despite the CDC saying listen if you're vaccinated you can go outside you can probably take a few mass. They still haven't door mask mandate you're not allowed backs and it or not you were not allowed to take off your mask still be decided is is necessary for their communities. It's Rhonda census is saying listen sometimes he would take the reins away some these local officials who are just going too far. Looking at cities like got do you think that a governor state legislature should be able to tell a local City Hall saris gone too far. You know their own recent. I don't think that's appropriate is so we're on the ground. It in our city we know what our unity our house and doesn't or die and I you know there're there're. He'll local businesses are very well all. About wanting to you're rushers are also the same businesses have been cited multiple times for violations. Annual community or the mayor earlier solo sailor Meno and community needs governor doesn't know no individual immunity. Because there and you're did all you're. Four hours a day seven days a week. Didn't. Plus years now from Brazil. Get crowd from the European countries back. Spring breakers descending on Regis yeah Florida with a Gary is celebrating. The legislature and arteries every local governments should be thanking local governments have been the only reason borders just wasn't. And schools Asians were hired a student each. Our communities be honored. If people continuing to uphold the rule city cut muscle and perfume. I think we're gonna have occurred producer. Listen to the guys who are epidemiologist. Who are our colleges and you know this is what they've dedicated their life to those people whose opinions matter remarks. A coronary crisis and there in saint Petersburg Florida thanks much of the time. June.

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{"duration":"10:10","description":"Local Florida officials are voicing their outrage over Gov. Ron DeSantis suspension of all local COVID-19 emergency orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77487490","title":"Florida officials denounce end of COVID-19 rules","url":"/US/video/florida-officials-denounce-end-covid-19-rules-77487490"}