Fourth Biker Charged in SUV Assault

Craig Wright, 29, pleaded not guilty to charges of gang assault and unlawful imprisonment.
1:53 | 10/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fourth Biker Charged in SUV Assault
Cellphone video shows just how -- -- this group of bikers was at this point elects in -- is already. Lying on the ground -- -- beaten still the brutal blows keep coming. Taking part in the attack officials this man -- right. Today he faced the judge officials detailing his alleged role in the attack. Prosecutors say after Reginald chance seen here smashed the driver's side window Creag right then reached in. -- -- After another biker pulled the father from the Range Rover officials say right then stumped -- at least three times as he tried to crawl away. Authorities maintain -- actions were caught on camera images that have not yet been released evidence rights attorney refused to talk about. The immediate time. I have no comment with respect to the charges are any the purported evidence that the people -- said that they have. 29 year old right is the fifth -- arrested in this case police are looking for others as well as their own. Sources tell Eyewitness News undercover. Off duty NYPD officer who admitted he was here well. Video shows him hitting the rear window of the issue -- wants with his fist and then kicking the passenger door are. The same footage -- captures him getting on his motorcycle and writing away. Police commissioner Ray Kelly pointed out there was no permit for this that. And given the bikers disruptive behavior last year. They were ready. We put in place a regiment where the fight for respective. We -- 55 fights we arrested fifteen people. And we issued 68 summonses ball on -- that's on them. Now coming up at five -- these new developments and also what led police to write and why -- attorney believes his client. Should be viewed differently than any other suspects.

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{"id":20509311,"title":"Fourth Biker Charged in SUV Assault","duration":"1:53","description":"Craig Wright, 29, pleaded not guilty to charges of gang assault and unlawful imprisonment.","url":"/US/video/fourth-biker-charged-suv-assault-20509311","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}