Fugitive Ex-Cop Believed Barricaded in Cabin, California Cops Say

Two officers were wounded in shootout with man believed to be the fugitive Christopher Dorner.
1:57 | 02/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fugitive Ex-Cop Believed Barricaded in Cabin, California Cops Say
Good afternoon everyone I'm commander Andrew Smith and the commanding officer media relations and community affairs group for the Los Angeles police department this is our daily 3 o'clock press -- briefing. I have a very small amount of information I can provide you from what's happening up in San -- -- county right now. This information is from the San Bernardino county sheriff's office so let me -- -- -- a copy it on at that this is very early very preliminary information. Today at about 12:22 PM San Bernardino sheriffs were in the hunt for Christopher garner up in the big bear area. They received a call all of a stolen vehicle in -- 12100 block of club do you drive. They responded there they received information from the person reporting that this stolen vehicle was stolen -- -- an individual that appeared to be very similar. To Christopher garner. -- -- immediately conducted a ground in an air search for this vehicle and they were able to located at highway 38 and glass road. -- the suspect in the vehicle fled into the boards. Shortly thereafter this individual barricaded themselves and -- of the cabins there any exchange of gunfire record. During that exchange of gunfire two officers were injured they've been airlifted to a local hospital right now their condition is unknown. Los Angeles police department has -- -- resource is out to the San Bernardino County airport our resources are waiting there. For authorization from the San -- -- county sheriffs to assist them so this is a San Bernardino county sheriff's investigation this is -- -- They have the incident command out there we are there to support them only if asked. That is as much as I have and -- particular it's -- out there. A quick update on how this search is going from that. Right now we have 1045. Clues -- our officers are working on. They're following up on all those clues obviously some of them are panning out -- -- some of them are dead ends but we're continuing to do this surge in continue to work are clues. Well the events up in the San Bernardino Mountains unfold.

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{"id":18481173,"title":"Fugitive Ex-Cop Believed Barricaded in Cabin, California Cops Say","duration":"1:57","description":"Two officers were wounded in shootout with man believed to be the fugitive Christopher Dorner.","url":"/US/video/fugitive-cop-believed-barricaded-cabin-california-cops-18481173","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}