Future phenoms showcase diversity

ABC”s Linsey Davis on three kids who started businesses for better representation.
3:09 | 06/19/20

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Transcript for Future phenoms showcase diversity
About three a group of girls who when they didn't seem characters are crammed colors that look like them. They did something about it meet three mini CEOs who started businesses to better represent children of all races and backgrounds. At just nine years old finally percent is much more than a bookworm she's a book business owner. When I didn't breeding bird I can't read Steinbrenner. I could really great she looks so I want a big children yet I should be able to I siren. Rather than complain she created the brown bookcase. An online bookstore that sells books for children and teens at feature African American characters. Detroit can't pick kids to have broke her leg in an actor able to Italy. And justice children need to see themselves reflected in books the same is true of the crane on box. At error rate. Yeah. She's only option ask Delano Woodard is also wouldn't nine year old entrepreneur. She started the more than peaks project after classmates called peach cry on the skin colored crayons. And I am I don't. Know Alan Knight Juan. Aaron yeah. I'm. Now I count me. She currently offers her own sketch books and soon customers can order her personal brand of rainbow and multi cultural skin color crayons event will be remembered I would be preparing. To. Hang on a project. Back and re why. Eleven year old Gloria Juarez is also all about inclusion. Harry's drinking that I I spent. Gulch and I didn't see any law is erased Rick Pratt got. Because that was seen rapid eye. So ruled an accidental out. Per an inspired by need. Her company brown girls stationary mix items from blankets to note both small featuring characters with diverse backgrounds and stories. Did tens ranking current thinking became her skiing and say you'll. I next leg I am taking had to break Enid French you know reclaim the correct any money won't I don't moral. Are at center court it would try explain it seems Cold War world can't wait to see more products wants. In all senses representation. Matters and he's budding entrepreneur words are just getting started. I like Trent. And nine. And sales. Mandela and BP. Shares Sheen I think this cheap or how the Claritin in this practitioner. These young ladies are walking talking manifestations. Of the notion. Be the change you wish to see. Any. Theories. And they're cool exterior lights current see her brain.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"ABC”s Linsey Davis on three kids who started businesses for better representation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71335019","title":"Future phenoms showcase diversity","url":"/US/video/future-phenoms-showcase-diversity-71335019"}