In the Game: How to Make It in Professional Sports

WNBA's NY Liberty head coach and ex-NBA player talks to Robin Roberts.
3:00 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for In the Game: How to Make It in Professional Sports
War first guy -- of the year. We. Are veterans that are going to -- I. I don't think terms -- this. Haven't -- do what -- do but I go back to that the days you're the pistons and you know Isaiah and dander so I. Your players understand who exactly will -- what you meant to the NBA. They know Gloria may know little about about winning them I'm on -- side at all times in a woman's game immunity -- got a temper yourself a little bit. But overall very -- no room coming from and and players appreciate that they wanna be told where they stand and what's expected of them and when they're not do -- -- they want to know about it. How do you make the transition from player to coach because not everybody can do that. By -- a look look coach right when it was done -- and I would have -- myself buyout drove myself crazy I was in -- business for awhile and I learned that everybody runs at different speeds and things -- different speeds. So I can't hold the players accountable to what would hold myself accountable. It's just not -- Good that are pretty good to that level but could hold them to the highest level I think they can -- So I learned that a little bit after I was on a basketball. But go on what in the coaches to best ought to -- a basket case what is it that you learned that you can impart to others that to help them -- their achieving their goals. That -- brick -- professional basketball player but. You can compete for college scholarship. That that is the first. -- school I think for any high school athlete is to get a free education and sports. It's this it's a phenomenal opportunity -- the woman's game. After that when you get into professional ranks it's about teamwork it's about camaraderie. Isn't different and you hear this and people try to make such a big deal about. Men's sports verses -- sports the NBA -- the WNBA and how it is how it's coached how it's perceived at all that. How do you respond to some guys who just it is not -- they just felt -- -- don't think it's pro basketball. Other WNBA woman's basketball is the second to none. Is played below the rim so they have to play. You know with the fundamentals the men could make up for mistakes with the criticism to make a turn over they get a steal right back or blocked shot. Probably can't do that they have to be very fundamentally sound. Nor to compute the highest level and that's what you try to teach us how to be -- all around basketball player in. The woman really appreciate that they enjoy being coached they listen so much better -- the guys there LA oh by far guys that we've been know everything. But the woman no they don't and it really wanna be coach and that's a joint for -- coach or. We have great followers on ESP NW. Twitter and FaceBook and with posted like. -- the bad boys and -- but I would bring a lot of eyes. Asked some really really really good questions what answer some of the answers are out -- had a Cadillac. Clearly not a tone down this that this little bit but what's another do you get a lot of flak from guys. For being. WNBA -- the guys -- a hard time. No actually no. They wanna know more about it especially ones in at a basketball. My daughter started this quarter and then. I realize will be compete this is -- guys do when they're going to be around. Join the competition. But -- no -- at all -- more little respect. -- -- to -- deal with. We know eleven very strong willed women that act request I don't know that I can get him to do. What they're supposed to do. You do want them to be able to have same opportunity there's no question that my daughter -- -- one to play basketball it was a drug for for BB -- right now W via. It was. Remarkable deceive the better teams in the country. How they were together how competitive the young girls were. And that just gonna translated into. You know what the WNBA is now. Dave -- all the kids though grown up since 1011 years old with a professional basketball. League in the United States. That the rebels going for him inference collections of their single focused we're back to eleven years old right now to -- the -- be -- colors. Stephen asks what if anything will change the public perception of women's basketball that will help -- become more popular. Here in America. The league is is growing dramatically and talent about 810 years in the league who took a massive joke. In -- overnight those -- the young kids that. Were -- -- -- high school the WNBA existence. And even now -- level was every year's bigger faster stronger but ESPN. And -- woman's college basketball so now that -- balls that are watching him in college all over the country follow along. We always ask anybody sitting in -- -- Even though you've accomplished as much as you have and currently are what's next what's next for -- and here it's a passion to go out and compete for championships. But it typically can win it wouldn't do that to a and plays sports historical what sports open when it. -- -- You know it didn't retirement at some point retired -- -- some -- it's gonna stick. Up. Bill thank you very much I think anybody ever gave you a hard time that you could -- -- to have it stick up for yourself. But thank you for wanting -- much enjoyed being your career at what you're -- women's sports and acute priest.

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{"id":19769198,"title":"In the Game: How to Make It in Professional Sports","duration":"3:00","description":"WNBA's NY Liberty head coach and ex-NBA player talks to Robin Roberts.","url":"/US/video/game-bill-laimbeer-19769198","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}