Gator spotted swimming with knife in head

A woman in Texas took a photo of the animal swimming in a local lake.
1:42 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Gator spotted swimming with knife in head
Inside orchard lake to state we love our wildlife here neighbors say there are drawn here for the water birds and talent heaters Ahmet every morning the Aaron Weaver has lecture sixty years without any concern for the -- town residents until this morning I saw and swimming and sell and turn light. Come swimming towards me and I sol. Something sticking his head she took these pictures of what appears to be kitchen knife lodged in Allen heaters made it look like they mean. That was sticking out of it or photos and elders have made the rounds on neighborhood social media groups drawing concern for how all of this happening I feel that somebody that that's on purpose never buy. Have they racked them. Or even bank I mean if you walk by. And startle them if it underwater and what to do next I wanna get help for this alligator I don't see an alligator. Around and knife in his head and suffering Weaver says there's serene beauty of this lakes bleeding is now tainted by the images she witnessed this morning. And the thought of a neighbor harming this animal. Get a night in there I mean someone had that really. You know. Wrote it are hurt or that this porting. Part Weaver says Texas parks and wildlife was contacted. And neighbors are expecting a game boarding to check out the Gator next Monday we also spoke with the brass has been state parks superintendent to tells us. Theaters are very resilient and infection resistant. He's optimistic this Gator is not in pain. And could live like this for some time in four point Downey Shelley Childers ABC thirteen Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"A woman in Texas took a photo of the animal swimming in a local lake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63708579","title":"Gator spotted swimming with knife in head","url":"/US/video/gator-spotted-swimming-knife-head-63708579"}