Gay Student Attacked by Teen Bully

Ohio high school classroom incident was captured on cell phone video.
1:42 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gay Student Attacked by Teen Bully
The -- stood there and waited on. And waited on him and -- And then as soon as he walks in the door -- put. Back walks away. What I do. -- -- -- -- And he keeps walking away. Then turns -- tries to defend himself. And he tries to get away again. And the boy grabs a hold of an attendance -- the -- car I think. Rebecca Collins is walking us through cell phone video that was posted to FaceBook. It was posted of another student ambushing her son in the classroom. It turns back -- He says this was a hate crime. My son. I don't I don't care and they didn't just because these homes -- like never ending and I was waiting with the main -- Cover -- now fights you have my body and -- in -- but he didn't and. -- chosen not to reveal her son's identity but he says. This is not the first attack for his sexual orientation he says the same student commented on a picture of pages on FaceBook two days earlier in fact check out the definition. -- says her son has a possible concussion and a chip to. Meanwhile the other student was suspended for three day. C'mon that's not enough he's pursuing charges with the prosecutor's office he says she wants other students just be themselves. Test for. All the people out there. That. Have that hate in their heart thing -- -- now. Because you know people are -- be -- they are -- company Walter Allen ABC six news.

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{"id":14836574,"title":"Gay Student Attacked by Teen Bully","duration":"1:42","description":"Ohio high school classroom incident was captured on cell phone video.","url":"/US/video/gay-student-attacked-teen-bully-14836574","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}