Gay Teen Outed by Utah School

Teacher told the boy's parents about his sexuality because of bullying concerns.
1:08 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Gay Teen Outed by Utah School
The teacher was worried he'd be bullied here at school so they triggered it as a safety issue. It started at the beginning of last week when the student chose to make his sexual orientation known at the school. It's the fourteen year -- why deemed it creates a stir in that assignments. -- -- expressed himself. The boy writes he's -- And the papers posted in class. But school officials worry he'll be hurt by others we've ever there's a safety issue involving a student at school we absolutely need to involve the parents and -- -- despite the -- protest the school. -- him it was not even close to the school's position to tell his parents upset mad he's bisexual and says it's the -- decision. It should be a person's individual choice to come out. To their parents if they want to connect their parents. Because a lot of times. Parents do not reacting to wave it's kids want them to. But the district says it it's kept secret -- the -- hurt in school parents will come down hard on them he needs the support at home. He needs his parents to watch for any type of pulling.

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{"id":15161484,"title":"Gay Teen Outed by Utah School","duration":"1:08","description":"Teacher told the boy's parents about his sexuality because of bullying concerns.","url":"/US/video/gay-teen-outed-by-utah-school-15161484","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}