Generation Z tackles climate change

Akash Sharma, a student and climate change activist, explains how personal experiences with climate change motivates his activism.
3:11 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Generation Z tackles climate change
The push for climate action climate awareness crime and education is being led in many parts of this country by high school students particularly. In the Pacific northwest for one group of students as you know. Is suing the federal government over climate change another is drawing on their Pacific islander heritage to help put. Face on the human impact of this one of those students are cross Sharma. As a seventeen year old at Roosevelt High School outside Portland we caught up with him a short time ago he said all of us need an education and the environment. So tell a little bit about your first hand experience. With climate change of a personal story. Are sold. A personal sorry to congress as viewers are back in 2006 learned so my parents are easy nodded it's easy. And after a cyclone listen it's easy and too got a sixteen bit so was a category five cyclone. And I'm not here. Are marked and these are the school where there is bailing you coward. And now any other supplies. As something I like really me because. You know right. I couldn't do a lot a lot from here. But back calling people don't Avalon a lot of these are resources. Like we do over here needs is reunion because. You know light and cyclones are often being the hate their. And I it does he mean because. Are these are just they're know what to do. A UU in a group of students. Based on what she saw have led this campaign in Portland to get the school system there. To educate help educate some of your peers in future generations about the impacts that you saw first hand. Did put in school board three years ago passed a resolution to make climate change climate justice part of the curriculum but it has a. It all started a year like five years ago so. People from the Roosevelt brought in view from the school district to talk about how we don't want textbooks that lie about climate change. Like we want to learn aren't used she's like a different way and textbooks aren't the way. And we also offer ethnic studies to be brought in to. And when ethnic studies are brought in by its he's a whole Specter of being as last year was the first year at least he's been taught arrows. And industries orchestra leader of the union change the mindset ever pretty in color we're not about our issues going around the world climate change as one of. Rom or just last month of the school board in Portland. Are finally authorize 200000 dollars I understand for climate justice education starting next year. Which is a good thing you guys who have made a difference there what is it that what it what difference do you hope. That programming that education that curriculum all make. So some people don't think that climate change and actually the union some people don't believe it and for median earth every most of the people I know I want that in March. I want people to know that climate Windsor realty unity issue that needs to be sought. Carter thanks again our past Sharma and the entire crew out that Roosevelt High School on Portland organ. Opt for their advocates see an end and education work we salute them here in a briefing.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Akash Sharma, a student and climate change activist, explains how personal experiences with climate change motivates his activism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63642365","title":"Generation Z tackles climate change","url":"/US/video/generation-tackles-climate-change-63642365"}