George Floyd's brother calls Chauvin verdict ‘wonderful’

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, reacts to the guilty verdict on all three counts in the Derek Chauvin trial.
4:53 | 04/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Floyd's brother calls Chauvin verdict ‘wonderful’
Whelan then now bringing Terrance Lloyd the brother of George Floyd terrace thank you so much. Being here in the white people down the massive they had on his I have a big smile on his silly thing to see that. Initially just your reaction family's reaction as the hurricane. Relief. Is this season eleven points. Just been a lie on us. Mentally and physically spiritually. It's been a lot all of us census the history gave me. Would those three shows Hilton. News there was. It was wonderful. Really Maine didn't claimed as sodas sweet girl we all know were you expecting this out. Being due for a C I have I have my doubts. History repeating this so. Photo. It was it was a it was a moment it's. Was city. When we came maybe we did to us believe lesbian. The later. He's flew home. After her body through things like this something we won't come under. You know they did. President Biden spoke to some your family members earlier today. What was their reaction to getting a call from. Oh I would say. More so there would you have been there you knew you were grateful for the support from. You know could this is one day. True to give congress people mayors are so I didn't give the president. Do. We'll supporting this just a wonderful true. From the cheers to change. What's in and so what do you hope will especially in. They memory Connor of your brother will actually be tangible change through legislation comes out this. You know before the ghost of bill. Policing. What got past. Besides you know it is it has changed the world local users over. What we need to continue to change. Might unify. You know. Loving one another means. Being peaceful. There's this. Knowing that. We old one or human race. You know and quality. You know we kid he's fighting one another they got to be peaceful. And since then and it won't just say to people because a lot of people are happy. But some have said they still plan to demonstrated again take to the streets what would you say to those who. Day to have some aggression. Hello say you know. Who had the rights you know aggression. But certainly a different way we don't know don't don't show it can be destructive. Challenge will be productive. Thank you can't change would you feel if you filled doesn't fill. But I could tell you change your channel is a different way. Lesson heard so much about your brother in a mama's boy a gentle giant Pink Floyd. How would you. Hope that people learn. This is. Citizens. More. They're gonna remember Lori. Tensions. I am off you know the rumors every. Because. Remember him as for every. For my phone from life. Memorable four one while brother was close. Namesake George very noisy. So wouldn't it be literally. Very. My brother. Who did it we didn't. For. The mission. And is she on a steady fielding your Brothers changed the world school. This is history. Because. They couldn't see you know. From a Jesse Jackson. They've been fighting improve the quality. Gift please tell you for years. You know we'll put this won't put on the he's still here to witness his monumental moment here DJ. And their futures. Tens clients so appreciate your time talking. Appreciate your thanks.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, reacts to the guilty verdict on all three counts in the Derek Chauvin trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77205098","title":"George Floyd's brother calls Chauvin verdict ‘wonderful’","url":"/US/video/george-floyds-brother-calls-chauvin-verdict-wonderful-77205098"}