George Zimmerman Arrested After 'Disturbance'

Man acquitted in the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin was arrested by Florida deputies.
2:15 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Arrested After 'Disturbance'
I'm Dan cuts -- new -- this ABC news digital special report George -- the man acquitted in July after the shooting death of trade on -- Apparently in trouble again with the -- today ABC's Eric church is joining us now live with the latest on this development and -- what do we know so far. A word comes from the Seminole county sheriff's department that deputies responded to a residence in a popular Florida that's about fifteen miles or so out of Orlando. And there they arrested George Zimmermann a short time ago on a domestic disturbance call we don't have any details of what exactly took place in that home. But George Zimmermann. Has now been arrested he's being processed and in the same place where he would spend so much time. On trial for murdering -- Yvonne Martin a charge he was ultimately as he said Dan. Acquitted so we're taking orders and aerial shots here and we do now now Aaron -- that you said that that he is in police custody ago. This is not though his first brush with the law since that headline making acquittal back in July though not no not at all in fact he's had trouble staying clear of trouble that it immediately afterward there -- a couple of calls. For speeding and finally he was given a speeding ticket for about 250 bucks and he was stopped and a couple of different states. And then -- also accused of theft by a relative and he was accused most seriously. Of domestic violence punching his estranged wife just after she had served him with divorce papers so troubles seems to be following Jordan -- He also made headlines when he visited. Cal tech the manufacture of the nine millimeter gun that he had used to shoot. Trade on -- some critics said it was a bit insensitive for him to do it given the uproar. Over the of the shooting death of Martin now there but there -- these this new rest we don't have the exact charges yet. But the Sonoma county sheriff's department tells us that he's been arrested after some kind of a disturbance call at a residence. As well ABC's caricatures he find the very latest developments coming out of Florida Aaron thank you for that. We will have a complete report as those developments become more available right here on for now I'm -- Cutler in New York.

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{"id":20927250,"title":"George Zimmerman Arrested After 'Disturbance'","duration":"2:15","description":"Man acquitted in the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin was arrested by Florida deputies.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-arrested-disturbance-20927250","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}