Zimmerman Neighbor Heard 'Yells for Help'

Jane Surdyka says she heard a "boy's voice" yelling for help on the night Trayvon Martin was fatally shot.
2:42 | 06/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zimmerman Neighbor Heard 'Yells for Help'
Looking down there was one person on top of each other -- vertical. And is kind of like you -- hear scuffling you know let them. They're moving back and forth united BC arms swinging or anything like that but. Just you know that they were on the ground -- the owner and wrestling her shuffling. You mentioned that he and it was -- man. You were observed it could you tell at that point what are they were men and women. Kids you know can you tell. The race that you tell. The gender did you tell etc. -- among -- -- two people on the ground. -- I couldn't tell -- he -- from hearing the voice sleep it's kind of like a male voice the aggressive -- -- -- earlier than him. All right tell us what then you. Observed and what you hurt. When I saw the two men on the ground or to people is grounding and shuffling and only got something horrible is happening. So I had my ass cell phone right on the side where the -- was so they just grabbed the cell phone. And you brought it to me and started pressing nine and one. And it. -- calling it why it was -- -- -- Yes as those pressing 911 -- when I heard very clearly that fit ICB two yells for help. Terms of this individual voices that you just live wanted more dominant -- aggressive and the other one. What we're reviews describe going higher pitch. -- yells for help get you heard this time that you identify whether it was. Dominated our borders -- one. Come on my opinion I truly believe especially the second yell for help that was. Like you know I yell it was excruciating. I really feel it it was employees police. And observers think we're seeing. -- -- the last he's what you heard the -- -- -- -- Wouldn't object of his forty see you tomorrow for -- finishing -- him. -- -- He couldn't -- your last answer overthrow jurors heard it. He's. In -- voice the last yell for help me help you send us. You believe in terms -- between the two individuals. The boy the younger person. It was like a -- -- voice. And when you -- a person is -- based -- just. Divorces one was louder more darn -- new ones are living under individual.

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{"id":19496980,"title":"Zimmerman Neighbor Heard 'Yells for Help'","duration":"2:42","description":"Jane Surdyka says she heard a \"boy's voice\" yelling for help on the night Trayvon Martin was fatally shot.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-neighbor-heard-yells-for-help-19496980","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}