Georgetown newspaper editor speaks out amid reparation vote

Students at Georgetown University vote on adding a tuition fee that would create a fund for the descendants of the slaves that were sold by their school.
4:11 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Georgetown newspaper editor speaks out amid reparation vote
Shifting gears now are two major development under way just a few miles from here at Georgetown University. The nation's largest and oldest Catholic university students they are today are voting on a referendum. To give reparations to descendants of slaves. Take interest in concept Georgetown would be the first stay university in the country are to approve such a referendum they want to impose a 27 dollar twenty cents. Surcharge to you each student per semester. In recognition of the 200 in 72 slaves. At Georgetown sold off in the late eighteen hundreds. To pay for our debt will join us now the talk a lot of them warm up this is yes mean salaam she's editor in chief of the. Hallway and newspaper the student newspaper on campus yes mean great to see you so help us understand what students are actually voting on today what would this do. Yes city students are voting as he sat on whether to include eight when he haven't. The in student -- recent past and basically this money would be allocated towards charitable fund that would directly benefit the descendants of the jeeps -- the 270 to sleep individuals that George counseled by an island province of the Society of Jesus noticed the jets quit in 1838 is trying to sustain the university. Now if you Reid currently is congress newspaper on how this Shwe intentional use this word reparations purity because the money raised would not going to someone's bank account but rather is going to be punished by aboard. This fund would give the al-Qaeda a charitable. Relatives so primary education. I eggs fountains medical assistance and a lot of these. Descendants live and we see which is where would be this money's going to be going. Yeah I was over on campus a little bit earlier today has me and talked to a bunch of students supporting the referendum. They did talk about how they went Georgetown to be something of an example for the country that this fund that they're creating isn't just about. Getting students into Georgetown helping them pay for Georgetown but. As you were saying create a fund to help descendants of slaves everywhere. The university though not so hot on the idea let's put up a statement. From them Georgetown saying that they support. The student's ability to express themselves to have a referendum. To share their perspectives but they make a point of saying that this referendum is not creating university policy it's not binding. Although they remain committed to engaging with students descendants the broader community. I'm yes we want to ask you about that community does the scene basting your reporting at the way it newspaper that and students are pretty divided on the question of whether this find should be set up. Yeah no that's absolutely right there's been a lot of debate on both sides still on the yes I am not sure it. You spoke to some students are ready that there kind of saying that we can start to see how the I see it isn't so students were all benefiting from this Al and we kind of cast separate ourselves from the administration and we need to be part of this change can 2016 because of the students it won't to a kind of sparked a renaming its two buildings that people that we're responsible for this sale. However. And violent town hall discussion there is also quite prominent no pain and there's large there's a lot of reasons for it offers me the figure. 27 dollars and twenty cents is symbolic. Around the top elite which a lot of people have issue because there's not much knots behind. Be exists also a lot of people are saying that the university has responsibility to atone sports cops that students. And some descendants actually paying. Louisiana has almost a thousand. Descendants from 202 individuals that how expressed concern that they didn't properly informed about this reverend and they kind of feeling it's rushed. Dixie tells how hot Dallas one would hope my how the sport is going to get the money and things like apps and community. Yeah we'll see how that comes out we and we understand the turnout was was quite robust today yes mean salaam. Editor in chief of the white newspaper. Have to let you go thank you so much for coming in and share in the latest. Their.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Students at Georgetown University vote on adding a tuition fee that would create a fund for the descendants of the slaves that were sold by their school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62344400","title":"Georgetown newspaper editor speaks out amid reparation vote","url":"/US/video/georgetown-newspaper-editor-speaks-amid-reparation-vote-62344400"}