Man Busted for Shooting Mistletoe

William Robinson, 66, was arrested for firing shotgun near a Georgia mall.
1:04 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Man Busted for Shooting Mistletoe
Educator at Georgia -- hunt for Christmas staple has landed him in jail. William Robinson was -- shooting mistletoe out of trees with a shotgun but the problem is it was right near a shopping mall. The 66 year old says he was hoping to gather enough mistletoe to decorate his house -- party. He insisted he was shooting straight up into the tree and just didn't think anyone could get hurt. Kind of scary and my H -- BP and a police -- first time ever. -- it was reply to -- they were professional. I just had to stay there overnight which would not much fun I -- get out if Saddam related to the party but it didn't have -- -- prototype so I want without commercial. And Robinson says he's been shooting mistletoe from trees for years but never in the city limits he promises not to open fire on -- mall property again. Isn't better way to get -- big goal -- -- to mingle with honest Atlanta wanted to shoot at all did you buy -- mean you can find this of selling its cars and today's password is more --

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{"id":15161232,"title":"Man Busted for Shooting Mistletoe","duration":"1:04","description":"William Robinson, 66, was arrested for firing shotgun near a Georgia mall.","url":"/US/video/georgia-man-arrested-for-shooting-mistletoe-15161232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}