Georgia police arrest teacher barricaded in classroom

A teacher at a Georgia high school was arrested today after the individual apparently barricaded themselves in a classroom, police said.
7:38 | 02/28/18

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Transcript for Georgia police arrest teacher barricaded in classroom
Basically right now information about God's good you'll winning complete I'm working to confirm more. So hopefully the next Dallas beat you guys a model for more information to deal to release. What I can't say right now. Main point emphasized is that nobody in the schools hurt. Ever by the school safe running only injury nowhere right now is Steve is being treated by EMS for an ankle injury. She sustained while running inside a school. I know that a bow. About 11:30 this morning Hannah and again I don't have exact. Times right now everything's an economy built in pretty quickly. Approximately 11:30 this morning some usual trying to get into this teacher's classroom and this teacher was not letting anybody inside. Win the principal came to the scene and as anyone in the teacher forcibly full force the door closing wouldn't let a man. Highs that he took his key out and we don't want the classroom door and we needed daddy you're hurting gun shot from inside the classroom. Obviously that when he walked down the school. You called all the police in colts who were source officer and and and that's when the law now happened near the school officers were all seem very quickly how to achieve your goal high schools about a mile away from the police services center. And obviously we're near the heart tales there along officers on scene very quickly. Officers when they responded when into the school. Went to the area where this teacher was barricaded. Made the decision to evacuate that whole way so they immediately had all the teach all the students and teachers. That war in adjoining classrooms of fact we doubt that area is secured that area first. And after. Period Tom followed up thirty or 45 minutes they were able to get this. Surrender. He was taken because you that is. So why not tell you that seen this fuel secure. Nobody's been her father and no one ankle injury number where else. The students are being taken off campus and there will be rendezvous with their parents and the trade center. You know their size and Bob and that's were there should go we've heard that the teacher told friends that he wanted to. Morning I don't right now I don't have any information about all new. One mayor not a then the calls this situation I'm Morgan also makes a hormone that also don't have information on the season. He's right now. Hopefully I'll have that same. Start your day. There's a number of things we get. Georgia who is obviously. Obviously across. So you'll be faced. My understanding users of these one shot fired. Here knowledge. The watery. I don't have any information about that. I don't believe we Danny fields in the past but I don't add up. He doesn't mean are they still. School rice saw believe the dorsal zoos are being taken to the trade center I knew we were able put out information pretty quickly about where that's the deepest usual won't be taken. And I think a lot of parents were able to give their legal and their kids short period they will be taken their turn out there already. And I saw a lot of different forms of telling Walters. What is. Basically anybody with a bad responded allies don't please form investigation. We have civil towards its patrol troopers and local county sheriff's office deputies responding seem pretty quickly. And also there are some federal stories that operate here in this region they were on scene. Obviously when you're the Scott cold go out if you've got a badge you run to it and then that's what happened here. For you to hear this call Lindsay. Because of all the things we've heard in the news the past couple of weeks. Nursery all to respond to the smell absolutely unedited died must stand on my desk and on and Jack them up blood pressure several points and I'm sure after the officers here today. And really I'm impressed was. The way that or people responded our people. Respond in a coordinated very professional waivers quickly about Tom I got up here which is about half minutes after her father called allow. We have alters inside the building we had people security perimeter. And doing old things they wore on and exercises. All those things happen exactly. When they shootings under way. I think it's I don't know what you won't hear the news to her lord taught school. And I actually. It's like god your one aboard captain and there was confusion inside because there was moving his juice out of that whole way. Two more secure locations so there are a lot of people moving go up your running. As it were a lot of activity mayors. But its board would enrollment numbers or don't know that was dissolved the school resource no one. We do you have a school resource officer I don't know exactly where he was when the shop was far initially. Our school resource officers also operate at the elementary schools and also little schools must choose anyway we'll emotional story take place so it's one -- of yeah it is not we have three of sorrows there's one permanently assigned here littlest son Morse innovative and there's one assigned to the middle school. And they also to rotate between elementary school. So is it possible that. Lit teacher had a gun in the classroom when students were in there prior to witnesses. They're I don't know because I don't know what this teacher schedule was. Previous to this incident. But I do know that. Pretty much from the Genesis of the incidents students were not in the classroom and in fact. The student was not letting students into the classroom which is when the administration sort of first picked up on the fact there was a problem. This teacher apparently did not want to Maltese in this and anyway. With a laugh and it was yes ma'am I don't have any operational what kind of what was he on the battle wasn't. So my plan right now is so hopefully. Be back. Between thirty minutes and 45 minutes onto another update I'm unified don't have any more information on the comeback isn't news dog media there on the scene. So you some comes with a 3040 on this from our. And for those of you that are just joining us now was. At present you're just joining us that was an update that we just received from the Gulf Coast partly valid please raise your. The spokesperson for the police department now he was able to confirm something that we didn't know before that one shot was in fact fired from inside that classroom now he does tell us that a teacher had barricaded himself inside the classroom and would not let any students in when the principal has been notified he tried to go to the door that question. For the teacher forcibly had that door shut and was locked and then he did hear their principal did report that he heard a shot fired in that classroom. Now the police department here and they say that they don't believe the teacher was trying to involve any students in this at this time we still don't know the name and the teacher. Were the charges that he could face at this point we are hoping to get another update as you just heard the police department says he'll try to guess another update here. What's in the next thirty to 45 minutes but we have confirmed at this hour that one shot was in fact fire in that classroom. The by the teacher that has since been in custody.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"A teacher at a Georgia high school was arrested today after the individual apparently barricaded themselves in a classroom, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53420741","title":"Georgia police arrest teacher barricaded in classroom","url":"/US/video/georgia-police-arrest-teacher-barricaded-classroom-53420741"}