Georgia School Shooting Suspect Arrested

Police say no one was injured after an alleged gunman fired shots with an assault-style weapon.
4:58 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Georgia School Shooting Suspect Arrested
This is a special report from ABC news. -- never -- -- Devin Dwyer in New York this is an ABC news digital special report a terrifying day for parents and elementary school students in Georgia. I suspect is now in custody after he opened fire in or around in Atlanta area elementary school thankfully. There are no reports of any injuries all students have been accounted for you see -- there. Our earlier gathering on a field outside the school and those students are now reuniting with their parents in -- parking lot of -- nearby Wal-Mart. ABC's Steve -- and Sami is on the scene and he joins us on the phone Steve thanks so much for taking the time give us a sense of what it's like bright right now I imagine the parents are pretty relieved there. Actually chain -- these parents -- -- in the heat waiting for their children some of them have been here for. Hours since they first or worse in some of them didn't even hear from the school they -- -- Turn on the radio and hearing on television that there was a shooting at this school. I'm the parents are being divided into different. -- area so such -- great parent stand here they're great parents spend over there. You know it's it's it's up very difficult over -- because -- -- you have children in multiple grade because they don't know where ago. The process we're told are heading this way they were delayed or just suspect in but it looks like the students. Are all loaded up on the buses and that these spirits are going to be reunited with their families. School officials are looking at a school official right now talking to a group of about a hundred. Maybe -- -- parents standing and they keep what umbrellas. Telling them you know how this is gonna happen I'm everywhere here of course is -- beat there Paul because unexpected -- that none of these students were hurt. But all of these students are going to be going home tonight. But I can tell you that one woman here collect talk with democratic daughter this seven year results of -- -- home schooling her tips from now on our school just started its only a week or so. And this is just no way for these parents -- to start the school here. It's right Stephen this is about a 600. Student school as we understand that the Ronald. I Decatur Georgia just outside Atlanta they have as I understand it pre K. Fifth grade -- in your meeting with some of these parents I imagine -- that the shooting at sandy hook elementary. Who just not even I guess about a year ago were must be on a lot of people's minds there. It's definitely my parents' church what everyone thought when they first heard about this up. I have -- A police spokesperson likely to talk to real quick so I need to jump -- -- in the second but. It's definitely -- my appearance here on and they're glad that this has turned out to be much better situation than those. Already ABC's Steve us and sunny we thank you so much steeper reporting and we will look for Steve. -- ABC world news with giants were coming up at 630 but just to recap if you're just joining us just what we know -- scary situation unfolding today in. In a suburb just outside of Atlanta first word came in. Around 130 this afternoon we saw video of the students and staff fleeing the school and waiting in a nearby field. School officials told ABC news the suspect is a male in his mid twenties he had no apparent connection to anyone at the school. A federal law enforcement official also tells us the weapon was an assault style rifle possibly an AK 47. So certainly eerie -- ties to that sandy hook elementary school shooting. So we heard from Steve their parents are now reuniting. With their students in that parking lot of a Wal-Mart nearby -- there were no injuries. The gunman is now under arrest -- interest -- -- tidbit from our affiliate that we learned about in. And Atlanta they're WSB ABC affiliate there telling us a little bit earlier. That -- gunmen even reached out to our affiliate. WSB TV to get his message out a school secretary. Called the station on his behalf telling a producer there that the gunman wanted cameras. To get to the school as soon as possible WSB Anchorage -- -- more tweeting you see here. He wanted WSB cameras there to quote film as police die. And very eerie message from the gunmen. Delivered to our ABC affiliate through that school secretary we don't know his motive but certainly a scary ominous message message thankfully that did not happen. There were no injuries no deaths for the gunman is now in custody. A scare for parents everywhere. And students are going back to school again we'll have the latest on this story tonight on ABC world news with Diane Sawyer. For now on Devin Dwyer -- New York this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special. Report from me.

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{"id":20016058,"title":"Georgia School Shooting Suspect Arrested","duration":"4:58","description":"Police say no one was injured after an alleged gunman fired shots with an assault-style weapon.","url":"/US/video/georgia-school-shooting-suspect-arrested-20016058","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}