'Ghostbuster for aliens' investigates UFOs on America's 'paranormal highway'

UFO investigator examines paranormal sightings as a "Ghostbuster for aliens."
3:00 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for 'Ghostbuster for aliens' investigates UFOs on America's 'paranormal highway'
I'm just accounts him apparently you on this Gator here Colorado. And I investigate colonel activities across authorities haven't to your ghost busters but period. I am ghost busters for alien. If a local rancher cares about apostle mutilation they contact me a lot of cattle mutilations. To have occurred real well signings tendencies with either the ranchers or someone nearby we see lights in the sky. And how many years that you've been looking into the paranormal or three years and it really organized. So much so that dad you know I contract. And consulting. He gives me the opportunity for a beautiful policies. And what do you say to people who are watching this day this guy's nuts to these things so much time and money. Searching for with me it becomes party lines I don't get funded for this promise you history spent. I'm afraid to say because of my wife Susan she's been through. Thousands obviously and have you ever seen. I have not seen daily life but I've seen all the high. I've actually seen crafting this something was it was something. You're a brave and sisters. News the whole thing and always a place where again because they panic code where and a mountain don't know where I was taking forty. You were fired after serving as a volunteer sheriff's deputy. Because you're attributing where you're seeing two extraterrestrials. Instead of criminals that's not a human something else. I contradict him I guess from an Angel. The controversy made headlines the sheriff's office says he publicly contradicted their official report. I don't horse and mutilation case last summer despite losing his badge in 2011. Seed Cassie continue to investigate unusual incidents on his own building up case files posting videos to his website in 2016. Bestselling author Ben measured short of book about to cast gives UFO theory. Called the 37 parallel. We have a herald mobile highway. Going across the United States. From my research and investigations. The 37 Harrell appears to be the main court over the main highway. Beautiful traveling across the US just like the whole road. SEC's traveled east to west. In the books you cast your call sending pieces of evidence to Bigelow aerospace in Nevada. Just last month and became public that the US government was helping to fund big lows UFO research. The military spending billions of dollars to look into UFO sightings and videos from American fighter pilots what was your initial reaction. I knew that. The Pentagon has hazardous. A project going on Tuesday it in and around 2012. Or so I don't believe that he's still going on for mile site. It was like our information that was cool there's a lot going on a plane across the United States facility there's.

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{"id":53061124,"title":"'Ghostbuster for aliens' investigates UFOs on America's 'paranormal highway'","duration":"3:00","description":"UFO investigator examines paranormal sightings as a \"Ghostbuster for aliens.\"","url":"/US/video/ghostbuster-aliens-investigates-ufos-americas-paranormal-highway-53061124","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}