Girl, 7, Escapes Kidnapper's Trunk

California police say the suspect grabbed the girl while she was walking with her mom.
1:28 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girl, 7, Escapes Kidnapper's Trunk
Neighbor -- it was right about here at the corner of 47 avenue and 54 street. For a man grabbed the little girl and threw in the trunk of his car he'd be comfortable -- safe -- anymore. That's -- neighbors like -- -- -- Saturday afternoon. When a man pulled up to a mother walking with her seven year old daughter and snatched the girl in seconds this -- -- I think. The suspect didn't get very short 54 street -- say he only made about a block. Before his plan. Hit a major snag Christina collect your tires screeching and came running out of a home. Just went on the -- -- -- the car so there. And then she finally got. This came to my husband has I was running out there on the street look at for the par but he and art at the corner -- that the -- explained how she managed to escape. Trunk of the car as when he snapped when he snatched her he -- weren't. And -- try to close of the meeting clothes with facility later but was still there Soviet -- -- -- girl how proud they were. And water down the block. Her mom she wanted to go back to -- so -- about a month. -- -- -- and my mom is worried about me my mom is worried about me with the victims' safe. Neighbors turn their attention to the hunt for the suspect I was so mad Atlantic magazine and -- the -- snaps until I just wanted to get on. -- -- those little girl had what they described as minor scratches which was able to escape without any serious injury. The Sacramento county Tito Rojas used to.

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{"id":19179663,"title":"Girl, 7, Escapes Kidnapper's Trunk","duration":"1:28","description":"California police say the suspect grabbed the girl while she was walking with her mom.","url":"/US/video/girl-escapes-kidnappers-trunk-19179663","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}