Girl Scouts Get Lesson in Fake Money

U.S. Secret Service agents hold workshop on counterfeit money for Calif. scouts.
2:01 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girl Scouts Get Lesson in Fake Money
-- -- -- Other even cookies Girl -- are known for -- -- earning patches and pins for skills like cooking camping and first date. They now have one more merit -- they can add to their uniforms expert counterfeit cash investigators. Cookies are business opportunity and learning experience for the girls and to target band. It is is so unfortunate and I and but now there are no longer going to be victims of. No longer victims because on Wednesday agents with the United States Secret Service held a workshop for the scouts. The agents are responsible for protecting our nation's leaders -- integrity of our country's currency. Their message know your money. Counterfeiting is a crime of opportunity. They may feel that you have limited. Experience handling cash. The agents would not allow us to show their faces they -- the troops how to accurately identify counterfeit money. And what did you if you get a bogus bill information local boy scout troops say they too can benefit from. -- -- final bit more about how this is being done and how to protect ourselves. Agents say there's three key security features on every bill that can determine whether it's real. The porch or watermark and the blank space to the right at the president's picture. If satellite behind it you've got to see -- -- the water Marcus Franklin over here. The security thread in printed with the letters USA and the amount of the bill. -- on this side. We can see it says USA 100 -- just repeated. And a color shifting numeral in the front right corner of the note. And then -- color shifting ink. From Green pass from Green to black and talk to to 45 degree angle. They say of one or all of the features are missing chances argue have a -- And to alert authorities right away. And just educated and that's the most important thing it's not difficult you have to take the time just -- -- -- when we're taking the money and he had servants and if we do that. We shouldn't have issues.

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{"id":15927472,"title":"Girl Scouts Get Lesson in Fake Money","duration":"2:01","description":"U.S. Secret Service agents hold workshop on counterfeit money for Calif. scouts.","url":"/US/video/girl-scouts-get-counterfeit-money-lesson-from-secret-service-agents-15927472","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}