Girls Scouts robbed while selling cookies in 'freezing cold'

A man stole around $600 from a Girl Scout troop outside a grocery store, according to Seattle police.
1:37 | 03/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Girls Scouts robbed while selling cookies in 'freezing cold'
Quilts freezing cold girls its cookies out. I couldn't I mean hello the last lap. The north Seattle girl scout troop members were cold and tired after two hours a cookie sales outside this cute at C stores son. That's when a man rushed towards. And decide running Annie pushed past one of the girls and grabbed the money and just ticked off and got into Iraq. Car that was waiting for him Jennifer says the Meehan swipe their cash on bullet about 600 dollars in total. She says that that terrified her eleven year old daughter he'd been crime and she is yeah right she. With his eyes to it honestly and the company of her in my bed at night. And then I'll talk to school the next morning either just last year troop in Tacoma were robbed of their cookie earnings as well it makes you furious. What kind of person. Would rob a girl scout news the Girl Scouts say they train kids and volunteers to stay in high traffic Willie areas and how to manage money during your easy feels he's. HL -- what happened Sunday isn't going to stop their trips what they're gonna be is ticked off and running to show the world. That they are Girl Scouts and that resilience will comfort Seattle police released this photo today of the me and they're looking for. Jennifer says he was hanging out near their table for a while Sunday asking questions about cookies and how long the trip would be there and I just this is I'd buy it. She keeps thinking about interactions with the man that it is critical with herself for not telling him to go away earlier pastor Jack has I think. Such as women we're kind of tot ignore that and to not ever be rude.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"A man stole around $600 from a Girl Scout troop outside a grocery store, according to Seattle police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61508221","title":"Girls Scouts robbed while selling cookies in 'freezing cold'","url":"/US/video/girls-scouts-robbed-selling-cookies-freezing-cold-61508221"}