Global vaccine distribution

Johnson & Johnson is expected to get emergency use authorization this week and says it can deliver 20 million doses by the end of March.
3:30 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Global vaccine distribution
An epidemiologist and ABC's medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this doctor Brownstein why is called acts as vaccine distributions on or. Yeah this is really great news and he until this point in over a hundred countries at hadn't yet received a single those subs are seeing you know that piece of roll out in this country is incredibly fast so called sister being credible or make sure that low and middle income countries are getting their hour. This is a sign that this rule out is how they are. Article still Arnie. It's an amazing example. To other countries are gonna get our. These vaccines called it is include Baxter incredible job we just about. And Johnson and Johnson's immersed an emergency use alternate excuse me emergency use authorization. Could come as early as Friday the company says it can deliver twenty million doses by the end of march kind of impact that have on our vaccination rates. Get super exciting news you're working. Pop music. Kobe Bryant right now teachers actually release briefing document deed is very strong JJ vaccine provides about I think he across demographics and area and chose rights and protection of parents. Get out FDA would accuse you reviewed is consistent. We're seeing that the vaccine prevents severe illness and death. So excited to ask vaccine in the next. Initially didn't it does is will be millions right. After authorizations of the home to release later this summer or are excited about this vaccine of course is that singles chart doesn't are freezing so we're thinking it's at especially for those that are had to do in this document right for them in a this rural communities. Don't have this or changed our machine so I think. I don't this vaccine mixed his incredible news. And doctor thought she has of the CDC should release more guidance for people who are fully vaccinated. What's your advice about group in terms of where they can go where they concede that. Yeah I know I think this is a great point because I think we'll be seen as his eyes and what we call Acxiom. 100% effective so you can't do anything you know here's a GT just the messaging using real beach county where my. I I get this vaccine is. There's not a lot of sense that. He imports is on guidance or aren't changing right this idea that don't aren't seeing your clothes and you are. All doses of the vaccine of course. Other guidance as might change your worst idea about rap travel between state troubled reactors aren't you well you've had a vaccine you don't have to do that it you don't have. I think that the you're all looking for he is getting together repair and so. You're gatherings are people that are needed me I don't want to see my parents right now. I think ultimately speaking we don't get back to ease the kinds of things are doing right that's John Brownstein always great to have you thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Johnson & Johnson is expected to get emergency use authorization this week and says it can deliver 20 million doses by the end of March. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76088209","title":"Global vaccine distribution","url":"/US/video/global-vaccine-distribution-76088209"}