Gloria Allred: 'There Should Be No Payoff for Mayor Filner'

Attorney urges San Diego city council to reject settlement if it includes payment of legal fees.
9:25 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Gloria Allred: 'There Should Be No Payoff for Mayor Filner'
You for coming on the attorney Gloria Allred. And Whitney is -- and -- The mayor's ex fiance. Also known by some as a part of the First Lady team. On July 22 2013. We filed the first and to -- Only sexual harassment lawsuit on behalf of -- -- McCormick Jackson. Mayor -- -- former communications director. Accusing San Diego mayor Bob -- of engaging in numerous acts of sexual harassment against ms. McCormick Jackson. We sued the mayor and the city of San Diego which failed to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment. After we filed numerous women came forward to -- the complaint of sexual harassment by the mayor. For example in August. Carpets with my client Michelle Tyler and United States marine Catherine magazine about a meeting with -- -- which the mayor rob ms. Tyler's armed. An implied that he would help small. Ms. magazine -- issue with the VA only. If Tyler agreed to attend a public event with him. -- have dinner with him. At that time -- again urged the mayor to resign. On August 15 -- -- -- third news conference that my client Peggy Shannon. A great grandmother who -- -- fielder kissed on her lips and repeatedly asked out while she worked at City Hall. Once again I demanded that the mayor resigned. On Sunday August 17 at spoke at a public rally in San Diego and urged the mayor. Resign. Or do you recall. On Monday August 19 2013. My client I mean McCormick Jackson and -- Participated. In -- mediation to attempt to resolve our sexual harassment lawsuit against the city. And the mayor. Mayor -- -- was present along with his attorneys and the city of San Diego was represented. By the city attorney and two members of the City Council. Mediation was conducted. By judge Larry Irving. After requested judge -- And pursuant to confidentiality. Provisions that got remediation is will not discuss what occurred active mediation. And coming forward today. Because tomorrow. The City Council in closed session. It's going to be asked to approve the deal. Which resulted from -- lawsuit. We do not know the details of the reported deal. And we have not approved it. We are therefore concerned. That the City Council may be voting on this deal. In a vacuum. And that it make entry in terms which we and the taxpayers. Would find -- it. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week the mediation continues. Yesterday. It was widely reported in the media that a deal had been reached. Between the city and the mayor which will be considered by the City Council tomorrow. I would emphasize. That I do not have any information as to the details of whatever deal has been reached between -- city and -- mayor. Both -- and continue to be defendants in our lawsuit. However. It has been reported that the deal will include. The mayor's resignation. While -- strongly support the mayor's resignation. We would hope that whatever resolution has been reached between the city and the mayor. Does not include the payment any of the mayor's legal fees. Past or future or any payment to him whatsoever. Since the San Diego city councils being asked to approve the settlement with that Medicare. We think it is fair to assume that it must involved. Sum payment to him. If they deal only involved his resignation. There would be no need for the City Council to approve it. The City Council has already unanimously. Asked the mayor to resign. And their approval for his resignation. Is not necessary anyway. We believe that given the importance of these issues. There should first be an opportunity for sandy -- to speak to the City Council. At a public hearing. On the issue of whether or not it would be appropriate. To make a gift of taxpayer funds to -- filter as part of the deal. For him to resign. We think that knows that skipped should be made. The City Council has previously rejected the mayor's request that the city pay his legal fees in -- lawsuit. We do not think that the city should help the mayor. -- a fight against our courageous client -- McCormick Jackson. Who was sexually arrest on her job while working for the mayor and the city of San Diego. The mayor's resignation. Should not be bought at the expense of the victims. It would be morally wrong. And hypocritical for the city to align itself with the mayor. By helping him pay his legal fees to defend against -- -- Jackson's allegation. And the lawsuit. Which we have filed against him and the city. Why should the city of San Diego pay -- mayor's legal fees or any amount of money to him. On his or on his behalf to help him in defending against -- sexual harassment lawsuit. And his reprehensible. Conduct. The City Council should have the courage of its convictions. And stand firm in its resolve to make the mayor pay his own legal fees. It should not authorize. Any payment to him. Whatsoever. The majority of -- -- agree that the mayor must go. However his leaving the city should not a permanent game on the city's reputation. By the city council's facilitating the mayors leaving. Entering into a callous. And unholy agreement with him. If the deal requires. That the City Council pay him one dollar. -- for one. Think that they should vote against it. There should be no -- out. Where mayor bill. It would be a slap in the face to the -- many victims to see him get anything from -- city of San Diego. His parting gift should be good riddance. Instead. -- -- hand. I am here today with the mayor's former fiance -- Ingram. She is here with me to ask the mayor who resign. Without condition. She also believes that the taxpayers of the city its -- Diego. Should not be forced to pay even more incentive payment to the mayor to assist him. Against the victim. His sexual harassment. Justice requires that the mayor resign. But there should also be justice. For the -- -- -- And now it's my pleasure to introduce broad New England. I think you all for coming I just have a very brief statement. I'm hopeful that the settlement agreement between Bob and the city of San Diego. We'll include resignation. And begin to bring closure to this painful chapter. All of those involved. I'm hopeful that tomorrow we'll begin -- healing process. And that attention won't return to their needs and concerns. Of the people of San Diego. And hopeful that -- -- and division that captured the imagination and boats at sandy Higgins. Last November. We'll continue to move forward through new leadership. San Diego is filled with great people brilliance and their ideas and filled with a strong sense of community. That platform that Bob and I campaigns -- with an emphasis of empowering. Can and should move forward if that is -- the will of the voters. Kind of personal note having spent all of last year involved in a grueling campaign. I also -- -- all of the candidates. In a -- election process. To conduct fair and respectful campaign. And to truly put the -- of this city and it's people right. In this great American democracy we expect and -- Our government and its representatives. To -- And the community. In a respectful. Intelligent. And fair manner. Let us now all pulled together work together and help each other -- -- -- To its rightful designation as an -- I. Think you.

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{"id":20041287,"title":"Gloria Allred: 'There Should Be No Payoff for Mayor Filner'","duration":"9:25","description":"Attorney urges San Diego city council to reject settlement if it includes payment of legal fees.","url":"/US/video/gloria-allred-no-payoff-mayor-filner-20041287","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}