Gold Found in Sewers Could Tarnish Reputations

Modesto, Calif., employees under investigation for selling jewelry found in the city's sewers.
1:43 | 03/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gold Found in Sewers Could Tarnish Reputations
The city of Modesto collects sewage -- from 641. Miles of sewer lines. Who'd have ever dreamed that in all those miles of sewage you'd ever find anything you'd actually want to put your hands on. A dealer who buys jewelry and precious metals showed us some of the gold that came into the store over multiple months -- -- it's it's it's all corroded. Collected by city employees from you know where. They from the sewer traps so they -- -- -- Walton and some of it was it was not -- some of it. You know was. A routine audit of pawn -- records led Modesto police to wonder why this city employees didn't report that found gold to their supervisors. They set the total value of the -- jewelry at 2500 dollars and they'll submit a report to the DA for possible criminal prosecution. The owner of another pawn shop on related to the investigation showed us what 2500 dollars worth of gold looks -- He says it's worth about 26 dollars per gram regardless of where it's -- It's -- to -- and it just clear up real good but in a similar sentence that is -- Back at the shop that actually bought the Stuart gold they're wondering why police are making such a fuss about it you know the old saying finders keepers. I think they need they they should be able to keep -- if they found it's nobody's gonna want it. Regardless of where that criminal investigation winds -- it doesn't appear the sewer workers violated any city policies and keeping the gold. The police chief says it's time to put rules in the place because obviously it's more than sewage going down the drains here. In Modesto George Warren news ten.

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{"id":18782579,"title":"Gold Found in Sewers Could Tarnish Reputations","duration":"1:43","description":"Modesto, Calif., employees under investigation for selling jewelry found in the city's sewers.","url":"/US/video/gold-found-in-modesto-sewers-could-tarnish-reputations-18782579","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}