Golfer, 77, Sinks Hole-in-One 3 Times in 1 Month

Tennessee man is donating the $500 he won to his granddaughter's mission trip to Indonesia.
2:22 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Golfer, 77, Sinks Hole-in-One 3 Times in 1 Month
For Bobby Robertson in great and cannon just about every day -- -- municipal. The -- begins pretty early. And then hit -- -- calling it has to pay you just pick the right down the middle. Never imagined Evernote -- -- it's really is a labor of love for these to a crowd this this is a hard job. Favorite track with the -- -- And -- at this friendship the chance each day to come out here and beat perfect. -- This will likely. -- got laid out -- and get over -- -- but there's always time for a little fun paid out ambient and about four. Bob admits it has been a struggle recently at 77 years old but they don't get away I had a stroke could the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After had -- -- often he's very confident. And up until this last month it's been a pretty normal spring for these two guys men Bob got up to this second team. 806. Yard par three here if this -- a golf course. And what he did now wants. Not twice. What what he did it at this very spot three times in a row. Is simply. Indescribable. Bob was perfect. Three times three holes in one same hole in a 28 day span same club his trusty six iron. There were crushed and might want me there -- congress -- there really are no odds for this the closest we could find about one in two billion there is a place in golf history. And the 500 dollar hole in one -- at Smyrna municipal. Mandela. Don't more so today on this perfect morning there would not be -- -- for us. Long live -- just an ordinary car for a man who is anything but. The old until you're gala held -- -- In Smyrna Neal Lauren Nashville's news two.

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{"id":19205580,"title":"Golfer, 77, Sinks Hole-in-One 3 Times in 1 Month","duration":"2:22","description":"Tennessee man is donating the $500 he won to his granddaughter's mission trip to Indonesia.","url":"/US/video/golfer-77-sinks-hole-in-one-3-times-1-month-19205580","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}