Human Skull Donated to Goodwill

Police say they suspect no foul play in the discovery made by employees in North Lamar, Texas.
1:42 | 08/31/14

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Transcript for Human Skull Donated to Goodwill
Recycling takes on a whole new meaning at goodwill industries. There are 31 stores and forty donation centers in Austin making it easier for anyone wanting to donate anything and everything. And we do mean everything. We got prosthetic limbs we have gotten. Rolex Watches we've gotten -- her hands. -- week. Our donations -- encampment but a recent donations dropped off with the north Lamar goodwill was unlike anything the folks here. I've ever seen before we get so many donations again it's not like Christmas around here when you open a boxer about it -- -- -- July 16. It was less like. -- and more like Halloween when a good -- employees sorting donations opened a box containing human skull as soon as we found it. -- -- -- -- Not to -- -- police say they have no idea when it was donated. It could have been something that was that was kept by someone for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An online search reveals that anyone can buy any real human -- the right amount of money some of them go for as much as 2000 dollars -- And most appeared to have been used previously by medical schools the Travis County medical examiner told K view that -- -- dropped off of the goodwill. Appears to be that of an adult who died two years ago but neither the sex nor cause of death or known I think. A lesson is. We leave you can donate anything and and not you know were in line -- or keeping a weird. The school found -- -- here for the Halloween headquarters for the -- is it is interesting.

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{"id":25194339,"title":"Human Skull Donated to Goodwill","duration":"1:42","description":"Police say they suspect no foul play in the discovery made by employees in North Lamar, Texas.","url":"/US/video/goodwill-human-skull-donated-north-lamar-texas-25194339","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}