GOP senator says Congress 'recognizes the American people are hurting'

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., discusses the stimulus negotiations in the Senate, and what it will take to get a deal done this weekend.
5:04 | 12/19/20

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Transcript for GOP senator says Congress 'recognizes the American people are hurting'
And joining us now is Louisiana Republican senator bill Cassidy great to have you back upon the show thanks so much for your time senator that you course are part of the bipartisan group working on the stimulus compromise yesterday on the senate floor Mitch McConnell said. We are on the one yard line. What specific things are holding us up right now from getting to the touchdown. I'm told her about eight or nine specific things but I am also told her little peripherals like cholera relief that we know we need. So we go to the minutia as your reporters don't state and he is more important to understand that they are horrible but they're also going to be worked out. Congress recognizes the American people are and this is our tacking issue the American people. To get us through until that backseat disseminated to get us through this kind of valiant if you will. And say anything more hours away are still days away. The fact they're asking for loans they deserve. We're probably hours away from a final deal where it takes about 36 hours wards and finally he kind of goes process. So if we're speaking of the final bill beat us. I'm guessing two days on the other hand let me emphasize. Congress recognized the American people are hurting and we're gonna help the American people as much as possible if you will read a quote and then back seat is disseminated. I understand one of the sticking points is a provision added by senator Pat Toomey to take away powers from the center of fed helped rescue the economy in the spring of course Democrats say that. Taking away power so the Fed right now would hamper them if another crisis happens why does this change necessary and right now it seems like we're so close to a deal. A couple things. I have to report now Democrats complained about the purpose we put under president trial. And now there might you know there's going to be William brown and Allen complained about what it. I would argue it has that is going to have powers were emergency. Congress can grab those powers. Third congress should not continue to give way authority to the executive branch is Ted except that's not our borrowers set up. They wanted congress are actually deliberate. We showed we deliberate quickly we get that that was the authority and the tenth with the money or whatever is it. But I personally power residing where I'll be bothered to warrant could be in congress in the hot seat and other aid. Speeds double latest framework seems to call for 600 dollar stimulus checks your colleagues Republican Josh tally in democratic senator Bernie Sanders one and that number beat. 12100 dollars you think that struggling American should get more than 600 dollars. They are struck Americans we'll get more than 600 dollars there is. A lot of 300 billion dollars from the payroll protection plan so that small business owners it's gonna be able to stay in business and cheaper people employ. There's 300 we supplemental unemployment checks so struggling Americans who are not going to shoot I have a job. Well we want to have that extra money which is 12100 dollars a month on average so that's a lot of dollars. But landlord and lieutenant lieutenant unable to pay the landlord and Italy collect rent. At least in the package we put together. There is housing assistance and that is also how resistance so I would argue this package will get struggling Americans. A lot of. Nate you congratulated president elect Biden who calls the stimulus effort and down payment saying more spending will be needed to support the economy and rebuild after this downturn police supported additional spending on pandemic relief from the new congress and work to deal with issues like stayed in local aid as well as liability protections it won't be part of this bill. Got a couple things tell you what's cargo they've actually important at a hundred million doses of vaccine distributed behind and work. Or some where we're never going to help she said there economy's current. Now that the best stimulus checks that Asia. So the economy's recovery it doesn't unemployment rate goes don't where plus just before coach in this. We don't need another we may not need another stimulus package if not. That we act so rapidly judged by the facts of the ground as opposed to. And finally you sit on the senate energy committee I know you're well aware of the cyber attack we learned today that it may be even worse than initially feared how concerned are you in and how concerned should we all be about foreign actors hacking into our nation's power grid and potentially being able turn the lights out so to speak. I think our our group is actually secure there's been a lot of but to your broader point we should be concerned about these aren't actors. You miracle under. President Obama be office personal management was. And the records' there are there for months apparently are weeks downloading it was attributed the Chinese. Downloaded all this information related to US employees. That's a treasure trove of information. We have to recognize that aren't actors are coming after us we have to beef what we're doing to stop this is essential to our national security. Senator Cassie always good to have you on thanks so much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., discusses the stimulus negotiations in the Senate, and what it will take to get a deal done this weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74813865","title":"GOP senator says Congress 'recognizes the American people are hurting' ","url":"/US/video/gop-senator-congress-recognizes-american-people-hurting-74813865"}