Fifth Graders Plot to Poison Teacher

A student at California school knocked over poisoned drink and foiled plan.
1:33 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fifth Graders Plot to Poison Teacher
What happened I mean. I would the -- do that. -- Marquez has been asking -- -- that question since learning about the plot. Two boys in a fifth grade teacher Bulgaria's elementary where -- starter goes. -- unified officials say three students ages ten and eleven who rat poison in her coffee. One of them knocked it over after having a change of heart is students were suspended in Fresno police are investigating the case. But no charges have been filed district spokesperson Susan BD released a statement action news about the incident scene -- -- quote. When the district became aware of these allegations. It acted swiftly to take appropriate disciplinary action against the students -- typically disciplinary action would include suspension. With the recommendation for expulsion. Marquez says he's satisfied without response electric is hang around kids that come up with these ideas of trying to. Poison a teacher. But in Fresno teachers association argues more needs to be dying. Calling me and -- -- At TA president Greg Adams issued his own -- criticizing what he says are dangerous conditions that exist within the district's. And inconsistent enforcement discipline. He also sent in -- had they been successful there is no telling what we would be talking about today. The potential death of a teacher charges against a family member who knows. As for -- the students came up with such a frightening -- no -- has said. But Harvey Marquez understands it's serious which is why he's -- discussed it with his third grade daughter.

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{"id":15784283,"title":"Fifth Graders Plot to Poison Teacher","duration":"1:33","description":"A student at California school knocked over poisoned drink and foiled plan.","url":"/US/video/graders-plot-poison-teacher-15784283","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}