Gruesome Details in Indiana Girl's Murder

Michael Plumadore allegedly kept Aliahna Lemmon's head in freezer.
1:18 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gruesome Details in Indiana Girl's Murder
What we can tell you is he admitted to killing of a young nine year old. Around -- early morning hours of the 22 by reportedly. Repeatedly hitting her. In the head with a brick he -- dismembered that body and that it was on the 26 after meeting with police for a second time. Even a third time that police would then led to his freezer where they discover that that led. The last night of course the arrest shortly after meeting within about 8 o'clock nine -- came at a rest he -- have his initial. Court appearance this morning he was fully shackled. They had extra security there as well just making sure everything went smoothly. In a case that has not only sent a community that certainly has been on the national radar for -- heartbreaking community story. Around Christmas time we hope to learn more answers during this news conference we can tell you also -- an autopsy was scheduled to Begin about 25 minutes ago on the body a -- and -- lemon and that was supposed to take about three hours that they are -- the early stages of that. What they -- likely pinpoint -- is the exact cause of death also see if it matches up. With the timeline that's been given them they've received a number of different time lines. Keep in mind if it is alleged that she died early -- 122 it was nearly 48 hours before then that she was officially reported missing. -- he claims that it was the next day when he actually hid the body. And in the mother realized later that night that the body was missing.

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{"id":15241529,"title":"Gruesome Details in Indiana Girl's Murder","duration":"1:18","description":"Michael Plumadore allegedly kept Aliahna Lemmon's head in freezer.","url":"/US/video/gruesome-details-in-indiana-girl-murder-15241529","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}